Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Little Work / Little Play
February 19th, 2008

I had the privilege of flying to Chattanooga Tennessee for one of my great new sponsors. I have had the opportunity to do some consulting work for Quintana Roo on their bikes for 2008 and now I am working with the company to revamp the wetsuit line and work on the 09 bikes.
But after the work I got to play – I drove to Greenville South Carolina and shared my stay between friends Nick and Gail Kattouf and Christina and Randall Maddox. The riding (despite feeling very cold compared to Florida) was absolutely fantastic. There are Mountains there!! YEAH!!! I did a long ride Saturday “the bakery ride” with some of Randall’s friends and Sunday Rick hooked me up with Chris Giordanelli (giordanelli.com) a super stud triathlete and super nice guy.

We had such a fun ride. He took me up Ceasers Head. It was an 8 mile climb – don’t get to do that in Florida (not sure if he had to wait for me more going uphill or down?) What a Blast!! Thanks G-Man!!That afternoon/evening I was starving and couldn’t stop eating. Christina made an awesome Salmon dinner and Randall helped me pack up my bike. The next morning I thought I’d go out for a run before hoping on my flight. I was running down Main Street looking for a park/run path (couldn’t find it) but did see 2 hot shot young girls running and stopped to ask them where to run. They were Ashley Long and Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach. They graciously took me on a beautiful run through Centennial Park and up some great hills. Thanks for the camaraderie and new friends – it was the perfect day before boarding my plane for home.

By the way check out their blogs: