Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vacation no More

Todd is off to Wisconsin where we grew up for a friends
wedding and the kids get to stay with Grandma and
Grandpa Bruett. The kids are thrilled to be with them
as it has been about 9 months since they have seen each
other. I know they will all have a great time together.
For me I am staying in Kona a little longer to really
WORK !!!

I will be training next week and staying with friends and
awesome athletes - Kevin Moats and Laura Sophia. I will
go to the Ocean but it wont be in a submarine like I did
with the kids - I will be swimming the course in full !!

I will be driving up the coast - but this time on my bike to
Hawi - and not to visit the famous beaches.

I will also be visiting the pool, but not for the slides and
the waterfalls but to do laps !!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

High Hawi Winds & Beautiful Sunsets

Today was the perfect day to bike to Hawi as the winds were blowing at a rather intense level. This particular section of the course is the hilliest part and the cross winds can be quite intimidating. The cross winds were gusting on the way up so I knew that I was in for a challenge on the way down.

One of my fears is getting a flat as I fly down from Hawi after the turnaround – well, my fears came true – I got the flat !! It’s not something you really want but I was somehow glad it happened as I now know how it feels going 30+ mph with cross winds and having your tire blow. It’s the scenario that you aren’t interested in having but yet makes you better in the end – for instance the winds aren’t fun to battle against but they make you stronger – and, you don’t want to bonk – but the experience itself is a learning process therefore important in the long run.

When I returned from my Hawi Bike experience I enjoyed a terrific evening with my family. We ventured out for a nice dinner, enjoyed watching a Hawaiian Luau and experienced the most beautiful sunset, it was an evening that the whole family will remember for a long time !!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Very Special Adventure !!

My daughter Jordan and I shared a very special Hawaiian Adventure together.

Below is a description of our Dolphin Quest Adventure through the words of Jordan.

Today my mom and I shared a very special experience – DOLPHIN QUEST. It is an experience where you can interact with trained Dolphins. The two dolphins that we had a chance to meet were Kona and her two year old baby girl Halea. I could not believe just how intelligent these dolphins were ! The instructor taught us a series of hand gestures that when done in front of the dolphin caused them to react by performing simply amazing tricks.

On one occasion Kona flipped over with her belly exposed and we got to pet her – their underbellies are so incredibly soft – I never would have guessed that to be the case. I even got to give Kona a kiss !! Never in a million years would I have imagined how gentle these great creatures are. I absolutely loved the Dolphin Quest and it is an experience I will never forget.


Getting ready for some great memories !

Kona shows off some Serious Air Time

They are so Special - and so gentile

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Atlantis Submarine Adventure

Today we took the kids into Kona for some
shopping and a once in a lifetime experience
of a ride in a submarine - the following is an
excerpt from my daughter Jordan's journal:

Today my family and I rode into town because
we were getting the opportunity for a special
adventure - the chance to ride on an actual
submarine !! The name was the Atlantis and
it is the world's largest passenger submarine
with 48 seats and 48 port holes to look out
into the depths of the ocean and all of its
amazing sealife. We reached depths of 103 feet
below the surface and witnessed a whole new
world on the base of the ocean floor - it is
something I will never forget, thanks mom and
dad - what a wonderful day !!

Zach and mom on the way back to shore !

A picture of the Atlantis Submarine

The Atlantis with a huge Oceanliner in the background

Jordan, Josh and Zach explore the Ocean !!

Cool sights all around !!

Where do you want to Tri ??

Where do you want to Tri ??

While the Gollnick family is taking vacation, think about where you would like to go next year. How about Knoxville Tennessee, or Middlebury Connecticut (Quassy Amusement Park) or to the Roller Coaster capital of the U.S. – Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio. Sign up beginning today to experience Rev3 Triathlon and one of these outstanding locations. Registration is now available for Knoxville and Quassy and opens for Cedar Point Sept. 1st 2009.

A little about Rev3 Knoxville:

On Race Day athletes will experience the vitality of Knoxville’s downtown, featuring Volunteer Landing, The University of Tennessee and a fabulous finish in the heart of downtowns famed World’s Fair Park.

Athletes will begin their day entering the Tennessee River via Volunteer Landing adjacent to the very popular Calhoun’s Restaurant. Family and Spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy watching the swim from one of Calhoun’s expansive decks facing the River along with the option of a buffet breakfast set up especially for the Rev3 Triathlon. Athletes will exit the water across from famed Neyland Stadium and begin their bike ride out of the city and into the beautiful rural countryside. Those competing in the Half Rev will venture out toward the base of the Smokey Mountains. Athletes will return to the city of Knoxville and transition onto their respective runs through the University of Tennessee and adjacent neighborhoods culminating with a spectacular finish in the heart of World’s Fair Park.

Race weekend will undoubtedly bring a festival like atmosphere featuring a world class expo, Rev3 worship concert Friday afternoon in the World’s Fair Park Amphitheater, as well as a “Movie Under the Stars” Friday evening for kids on our huge stadium screen adjacent to the Finish Line in World’s Fair Park. The amphitheater will also play host to our Pro Press Conference and Pro Athlete meet and greet Saturday afternoon.

We are also thrilled to be returning to Middlebury Connecticut and Quassy Amusement Park next June for a fun filled weekend of activities for athletes and spectators alike. The Amusement Park will be open throughout the weekend just for the athletes and their families – including great rides, games and an awesome water park, not to mention one of the most challenging courses on the race calendar !! We hope you will join us somewhere in your travels. You can get all the updated information on any of these great events by checking out