Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My friend Scottie from New Jersey was here in Florida to get in some miles before heading to the Philippines for a six week tryout with the Commander & Chief of Triathlon and his Team. Scotties response, “participating in Brett Suttons Boot Camp is both an honor and an opportunity for me to see if I have it mentally to make it to the top in this sport.” What an amazing experience for this young athlete. I had the privilege of taking him on his longest ride to date (I loved it – he is so strong) and then a run (brick). I figured if we rode long enough I might be able to run the brick with him. His ½ marathon P.R. is 1:05:04 Holy Cow can you say SPEEDY! Can’t wait to see what Brett does with him!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

KEAHOU 1 Wins First ½ Marathon Trail Run

Race Weekend: I wanted to go to The Challenge Trail ½ Marathon because so many friends were going. I love the trails (and cool trophies) and good quality swag! I had a long run planned, started with a two mile warm-up and ran the half at Tempo pace finishing just under 1:40 and then added on a few miles. While racing – or should I call it training – I was talking to Michael Dimick before he took off. He had a fantastic story; he is traveling around the U.S. running ½ marathons to raise money for charity – very cool.

Below is a picture along with Anne who works for Ironman and Monica Murphy. Monica is an athlete I coach from Louisville Kentucky and is here in Florida for a month and a half to escape the ice storms and train with her coach. She’s gotten the privilege of 5:30 am rides (yes, it’s still dark) long swims and runs where I am shouting good job and GO FASTER !!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gollnick's LifeSport Debut a Success, article Kevin Mackinnon

Gollnick's LifeSport Debut a Success

Heather Gollnick's win in Pucon last weekend was part of a successful weekend for LifeSport Coaching, Kevin Mackinnon reports.

Published Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last Sunday's Cristal Ironman 70.3 Pucon saw two LifeSport athletes battle for the title, with new professional team member Heather Gollnick getting to the line just 24 seconds ahead of teammate Linsey Corbin.

After the race, LifeSport coach Paul Regensburg was thrilled with the result.
"What a great way to start the relationship. Heather was just here for our professional camp and it was apparent that she has the work ethic and mentality of a champion. She is a great role model for our developing professionals and age group athletes alike. She has already responded very well to the coaching and I am excited to work with Heather on her journey to Hawaii."
Gollnick, seen here winning Ford Ironman Louisville in 2007, decided to start working with LifeSport, the official coaches of Ironman, in December.

“I needed a bit of a change and this seemed like the perfect fit,” Gollnick says. “I've always been my own coach, and I got good at reading my own body, but Paul seems to be very good about helping me to recover more. I just go, go, go.”

“She is a work horse and loves to train and work out and still balances a family with all that,” Regensburg says. “It's been a great relationship even in the early stages, because I'm trying to introduce some quality to her program. With someone with her experience and success, I'd be crazy to turn her world upside down, so we're just making some little changes to what she's done in the past.”

Gollnick spent a week in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, where LifeSport is based, and Regensburg took the chance to do some extensive testing. It didn't take long before he realized that the five-time Ironman champion will serve as a tremendous role model for the other athletes in the LifeSport program.

“She's so good for the athletes we coach,” Regensburg says. "Many of the younger athletes were amazed to see how tough she is. She's like the big sister of the group right now.”

That sense of camaraderie was apparent in Pucon last weekend.
“Linsey once looked up to her as a role model, now they're racing head to head,” Regensburg says. “The kind of team we're trying to build – everyone working to make themselves better.”

In addition to juggling her busy professional triathlon career, Gollnick also runs her own coaching business and has taken on the position of marketing director for the Revolution 3 Triathlon that will take place in Connecticut this June. Then there's life as a mother of three busy children, too.

“Paul has the rest of his athletes take naps every day,” Gollnick says. “He hasn't got me to that point yet, but I am starting to at least put my feet up when I'm on the phone.”

Even that bit of rest is obviously paying off for Gollnick, who improved her winning time in Pucon by almost nine minutes.

“Our focus now is a top-10 finish in Hawaii,” Regensburg says. Last weekend's season opener certainly bodes well for that goal.

You can reach Kevin Mackinnon at

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ironman Live Pucon Report

Gollnick and Galindez take Pucon 70.3

Gollnick defends title while Galindez wins for the fourth time in Pucon

Published Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Heather Gollnick and Oscar Galindez won Cristal Ironman 70.3 Pucon last weekend, both running away from their competition over the tough, hilly run course. For Gollnick it was her second win in a row, while Galindez reclaimed the title he lost to Reinaldo Colucci last year.

Galindez caught up to Colucci during the picturesque bike ride after losing time to the Brazilian (who was first out of the water alongside Daniel Fontana and Felipe Van de Wyngard) after the swim. Galindez stormed through the bike, though, and entered T2 just seconds behind Colucci and used a 1:18:07 run split over the challenging run course to claim his fourth title in Pucon in a record setting 3:57:26.

“I am very happy because I love to run in Pucon,” Galindez said after the race. “The public was spectacular as well as the organization, that is why I feel good about what we did.

“The duel was extremely hard with Galindez,” Colucci said. “I’m leaving Pucon happy with our effort. Galindez is a very good athlete and I congratulate him and also the organization for this excellent race.”

Gollnick runs to another winAfter getting a “fat lip and a black eye” during the swim (first out of the water was American Amanda Stevens), Linsey Corbin moved to the lead during the bike. Corbin held off fellow American Gollnick through the first two loops of the run course, but for the second year in a row had to settle with the runner-up spot to the five-time Ironman champion.

Gollnick won in 4:28:48, followed by Corbin and Stevens.
“It was an amazing race next to my friend Linsey,” Gollnick said after the race. “I have always said that I love coming to Pucon and for sure I will keep on coming.”

Top 5 Women:
4 BORBA ANA BRA 4:44:50

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PUCON 70.3 Champion

I am very pleased to report that I won the Pucon 70.3 Ironman. It was a tough race and came down to the last 1k where I passed Lindsey Corbin for the win.

This place is awesome as the transition is right outside the Hotel Room Door and just steps away from the swim start on the beautiful black sand beach. I went for a warmup jog to get the juices flowing. We have been sleeping until 9:00am here as dinner is typically anywhere from 9:00pm to midnight. The race here begins at 9:00am which by Chilean standards is early (ha ha) do you know of any race that starts at 9:00 am in the States – we were lovin it !!!

It has been months since I have raced, last August to be exact and as such has been one of the longest off seasons I have had in years so I was a little more nervous than usual. I took a few deep breaths, said a little prayer and looked at the beautiful scenery around me and was thankful that I have the opportunity to go out and push myself to my limits (which us “A” type athletes love).

I had an average swim, the usual jostling around for position. It is a two loop swim, after the first loop you exit the water and run 200 meters on the beach (this is the tough part in the deep sand) and then re-enter the water for loop number two. Amanda Stevens of the U.S. a world class swimmer was out ahead of the pack by a few minutes.

I felt good on the two loop bike course. Last year Lindsey Corbin caught me after loop one and put another four minutes on me. I have been biking with an amazing cyclist at home, trying to pick my cycling up a level so when Lindsey caught me one quarter of the way through the bike I made it my mission to stay with her for as long as I could. We passed Amanda Stevens about three quarters of the way through the bike. I was pleased to come in to transition about 15 seconds behind Lindsey (glad I used my Zipp Disc wheel – it was perfect for this course).

The run here is tough – period!! It’s a three loop run, each loop has a super hilly section (think nonstop rollers) and a flat out and back. Lindsey took off and was 1 minute up on loop one, during loop two I would gain a little time on the flats but the mountain girl was strong on the hills (she is from Montana). The third loop I was 45 seconds back and thought to myself I better go now and gave it absolutely everything !! When the legs are screaming to ease up is when it’s time to PUSH HARDER, it was that time……

On the final hill section Lindsey’s lead was 10-15 seconds and I hit the last 1k and for 10-15 seconds I just had to DIG! We ran shoulder to shoulder for a few seconds, I re-called Lisa Bentley pulling away from me three years ago at the very end, I wasn’t going to let that happen. It was pushing past any and all mental barriers that helped secure my victory in the end. It was a thrilling and very exciting race.

I just wanted to thank my Sponsors as none of this is possible without their help. Charlie and Trakkers you are the best, I can’t wait until the world can enjoy your new technology. K-Swiss, I am proud to be a member of the team and trilled to bring home the first K-Swiss victory of the year. To Quintana Roo, First Endurance, Village Bikes, Ironman Helmets, Wigwam, GU, Fuel Belt, Zipp Wheels, Oakley, to William at the Center Four, and Chiro-Kinetics a major THANK YOU!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pucon Post Race :)

Post Race Dinner Party, eating with Linsey, Chris, Todd and Pucon's Race Director Enrique
They have a great Team in Chile - first class from begining to end !!

Linsey, Amanda and I receiving our awards post race

Photo with the Mayor of Pucon. First woman Mayor in Pucon's History. There is tremendous support throughout all areas of the city.

Courtesy of Ironman 70.3 Pucon Media


An entertaining race had the women this year. Amanda Stevens from the States was the leader on the swim, but Linsey Corbin also from the States was who won on bike. Heather Gollnick came a few seconds after Corbin in the closed park area, had her onslaught on run. For quite long minutes they run together , but in the last turn on the Penisula and downtown of Pucon the winner made the difference and overcame Linsey Corbin.

On the Cristal finish line an ovation waited for Gollnick. For the second consecutive year the American athlete reached the first place with a time of 4:28:48. Linsey Corbin again reached the second place and after them, the surprice of the event, the also American athlete Amanda Stevens. On the fourth place the brasileña athlete Ana Borba ando n the fifth place the chilean, who was on her first elite race, Pamela Tastes with 4 hours 47 minutes and 56 seconds.

Said Gollnick, -I´m so happy with this result and is the second victory here in Pucon. It was an amazing race next to my friend Linsey Corbin. I have always said that I love coming to Pucon and for sure I will keep on coming. Finished as the new champion of the race-.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Today was the kids race in Pucon !! 250 kids compete in the Event and in a word it is AWESOME !!!!!! The kids range in age from 7-16.

Keep in mind, Triathlon in South America is a BIG DEAL !! There are few mainstream sports in Chile, unlike the U.S. where kids are playing Football, Baseball, Basketball, etc..... It is so cool to see the sport that I love so popular and treated with such Respect !!

You have to see it first hand but these kids ARE IN TO IT !! The look on their faces is pure intensity, one would think this was an Olympic Qualifier. And if you think the kids are in to it - you should see the Adults. WOW !!

As defending Champion of the race I was asked by the Race Director to be present and assist in handing out awards post race.

OK - now I know what a Rock Star must feel like. It was absolutely crazy. After the first few kids came up to me it was a non-stop picture frenzy !! I have never seen anything like it, it just kept going and going - my husband started snapping pictures as well, then eventually stopped as he wondered if it would end. We were soon pulled away to the stage for the awards ceremony.

This will be our fan base come Sunday !! What a great experience - the fun here never ends :)

Pucon Pre-Race Interview


The American women athletes are here in the ninth region and are ready to win this competence. They know and respect each other, and the 70.3 Pucón Ironman is one of their favourite race.

-Of Heather Gollnick, I ve got a very special opinion. When I started in this triathlon thing she was my idol. She is definitely the top triathlete of the United States and I feel honoured to compete next to her in this beautiful race-. With these words Linsey Corbin shows her great admiration for her opponent and friend, Heather Gollnick, who was enshrined as the champion of the Pucón Ironman last year, while Linsey arrived on the second place. That s why, all the attention of the women¿s race is on these two featured athletes from the States. This is the fifth race in Pucón for Heather and for Linsey it s her second time. -This is a beautiful race and that is why I¿m here in Pucón again. Like Linsey, of course I want to win. Like everybody we want to win and give our best in this 70.3 Ironman.- says Heather Gollnick. -This is a very extraordinary race and I want to come here always during my career.

Its a very high competitive level race and this year I want to be the number one- added Linsey. Heather Gollnick is decided to defend her crown although she knows there is a hard competence next to her. Lindsey had an excellent year 2008, where she became fifth in the Hawaii Ironman and was the best triathlete of the year in the States. They have both an arduous preparation and are hoping that all that work becomes reflected this Sunday when the mother of the Chilean triathlon races will start. -I come from a very cold place and I train arduously indoors to be ready for this competence. It is a hard contest because of the -peninsula- part, but I hope to do my best and be able to do a good race- adds Linsey. Heather has a similar opinion and says -in the place I live there aren t many hills on which to train. Im well prepared for this race and I feel Im on my best for this Ironman that is one of the hardest of the world. Linsey is a great athlete and that was demonstrated by her fifth place obtained last year in Hawaii. Undoubtedly this is going to be a very nice duel.-

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Arrival in Pucon Chile :)

Pucon is one of my favorite places to go !! We travel from Tampa to Miami, Miami to Santiago and finally Santiago to Temuco. From Temuco we jump in a transport to Pucon.

Once we arrive in Santiago its time to start using the old Spanish. I took Espanol in High School and every time we come to Chile its hilarious as we try to communicate in our limited knowledge of the language. Todd was entertained as I used my limited Spanish vocabulary (combined with random hand gestures) to talk through Customs in Santiago. Its fun though, and the people just smile (and chuckle) as we try to speak their language.

We have always found everyone in this Country SUPER helpful. Temuco is a small somewhat typical South American city, but as you travel to Pucon (a hotspot destination of those with the financial means in Chile) the tone changes. It is a well to do, beautiful town, in fact a somewhat rockin town!! The beach is crowded until late evening (for us its late). It gets dark very late here and dinner is usually between 8:30-11:30pm. The music cranks out throughout the night as people fill the streets late. As you might imagine the mornings are very peaceful and quite.
The race hotel is the Hotel Gran Pucon right on the water, with a beautiful black sand beach. I had been tired from the long travel but couldn’t wait to go for my 30 minute easy jog and a short swim. As you turn your head in the crystal clear water you get a peak of the snow capped volcano – just breathtaking!! Check out some of the photos – can you tell we love this place !!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lifesport Camp - My Final Group Run

My lifesport training gave me the opportunity to have some formal testing done in a lab. It had been a while since I was able to get something like this done. It was an interesting process to once again identify max levels in specific areas - thanks for your help Paul !! Below is a picture of Paul and I - I'm still smiling - must be the "before" shot :)

My last workout with the group was an awesome run, we did 8 x 1k repeats with 2 min recovery-rest. The gang has another week but I am home now with the family before Todd and I leave for Pucon Chile 70.3 / Check back for Sponsor Update and Race Report

Lifesport Camp

Lifesport Training Camp

This was a fantastic opportunity for me to spend some time with my new Coach Paul and train with some amazing athletes. Here is the group before one of our swims: Thankfully the pool was inside since the camp was held in Victoria Canada - brrr / they were going through a cold spell.
It was so great to meet the other Lifesport Athletes - thanks everyone for a great experience !!