Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vacation and the Holidays

Holiday Family Time !!

Our Holidays were great!! Nice to not do too much work (no blogging either) and just be with the kidos !! We were fortunate enough to travel to Steamboat Springs Colorado to be with my sister, who also has boy and girl twins like me (or me like her) and a 3rd child! The six kids all played so great. I love seeing my older sister April and dont get to enough! My mom and dad were also there making for a great Holiday :)


Monday, December 1, 2008

Where is my Fitness?
December 1st, 2008

Where is my fitness? I don’t mean it exactly like its L-O-S-T, like I may typically lose things. Where did I place the car keys? I can never seem to keep track of socks, bike gloves and arm warmers (I dont know what it is about those little buggers).

Anyway where is my fitness. I really don’t know so I have decided to jump into Powerman Florida to test it? find it? Yikes - it has actually been 6 years since an official duathlon. There was a local sprint tri where the 1/4 mile swim was changed to a 1/2 mile run but I mean this is a real duathlon. Crazy how I feel like I dont remember how a duathlon is done or worse feels. (Well, actually I think I know how it feels - that’s why I’m scared!!)

Anyway, I am looking forward to testing my Fitness!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shopping Frenzy
November 28th, 2008

Got my workouts in early today so that we could take the family out shopping. Cant believe some of the stores that opened at midnight - maybe some year I will give that a shot but for now we’ll shop in the sunlight!! Quite the day - I’m wiped - time to hit the hay!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

November 27th, 2008

What a great Holiday!! It gives us an extra opportunity to express what we are thankful for. With that said here are a few of the things on my mind this Thanksgiving.
What I am especially thankful for:

My husband Todd - my high school sweatheart, super thoughtful, supportive and a wonderful father to our three kids.

My kids: Joshua, Jordan and Zachary - my life is so very busy with them but they have changed my life in a way I cherish every day.

My Parents: I am so thankful for all they have done for me (I was a very active little girl). They put up with me and loved me unconditionally and they are both healthy (my dad is the wisest man I know).

My Sisters: April, my older sister has twins (think they run in our family?) and a third. My little sis Erin has four boys - WOW!!

My In-Laws: My father-in-law John, the most spiritual man I know - he is such a wonderful influence on our entire family. My mother-in-law Val who is here from California for the week - so I better write really great stuff HA HA!! We are so thrilled to have her here as we all miss her terribly when she is away!!

My Health: I love being a professional traithlete and am so thankful for my health (and yes I can be a bear when injured!) Wishing everyone a very blessed Holiday Season!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 23rd, 2008

Today was such a fun day!! I ran a 1/2 Marathon trail run with a great friend and runner Bob Hammond. It was at Alafia Park and was called the cross country marathon and half. It felt so great to get out there and run!! The hip is quite sore but I am happy to report not painful and I think teh run was supurb strengthening for it! I love running trails and dont get too often. The last mile was ALL Sand!! Came home and swam with the kids (yes the pool is warm and they love it all winter). Then tuned in to watch Ironman Arizona on-line. My athletes we coach are having good days and every race I watch I cant wait to get back out there and compete!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18th, 2008

So for my daughter Jordan’s big 12th birthday gift she wanted to go to The St. Pete Times Forum and catch the traveling version of “So you think you can dance”. It was a very special girls night out and as a mother there is nothing better than seeing your daughter grin ear to ear for three solid hours!! It was a real blast and I think I may have even learned some new dance moves!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16th, 2008

Cant believe it but my twins turn 12 on the 18th. This afternoon we all went to the Adventure Park behind our house and had a fun class party. Both Josh and Jordan wanted to have a kickball party with their friends. It turned out to be a great event with Grandma and Grandpa, Todd myself and the class. In between games we decided on some human pyramids. Off to plan for next Tuesdays party (actual bday) any excuse for more gifts!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10th, 2008

This weekend the family and I were up at the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater.
WOW - What a Fun Day!! What a FAST Day!!

Terenzo and Joanna were flying!! Congratulations to them both on a fantastic day and being World Champions! I had the opportunity to announce with Greg Welch and Spencer Smith at

I’ve included a few pictures, one of Greg and I prior to going Live and then one of Greg working hard later in the day.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 6th, 2008

WOW - Clearwater 70.3 is getting close. I have athletes who I coach or those who have attended some of my camps competing. Now I wish when I won Pucon 70.3 I would have accepted my spot!!

A top age-grouper I coach Monica Murphy is staying with us and my massage therapist William (he is the best) is getting her ready to race!! Should be a great weekend - Spencer Smith and I are doing Ironman Live with Greg Welch on Race Day so look for some photos and updates again soon!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3rd, 2008
One of the greatest things about living in Florida is to log some pool time no matter what day of the year it is. Nothing like eating dinner outside then hitting the pool for some fun with the family! Included a few pictures from our latest dip - my son Josh and I are involved in a serious sword fight. Then Zach and Josh together wanted to show off some GUN POWER!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1st, 2008

I love trick or treating!! Everyone is always in such a good mood, (not that we have crabby neighbors – ha ha). Our subdivision is great for trick or treating, the houses are very close and everyone is sitting outside with their lawn chairs in their driveways handing out candy – No Stress – Nowhere to be – or maybe its that they are all on a SUGAR HIGH!!!!

I attached a few pictures from the night – my kids are the Star Wars Commander, Ninja and Snow Princess!!
I also have a picture of my youngest – Zach – he sorts his candy just like I used to!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wimp or Thin Blood??
October 30th, 2008

Todd and I took a quick trip to Middlebury Connecticut for this past Monday through Wednesday to meet with George and Joanne Frantzis who own Quassy Amusement Park (race venue) and to do a video preview of the course for the website.

WOW – has my blood thinned or have I turned in to a wimp?
I was freezing the entire two and a half days.

We left Florida on Monday a.m. after taking the kids to school and got into Connecticut at 3:00pm. When we arrived it was in the 50s but Tuesday it was 42 degrees and rain and to top it off Wednesday it snowed!!

Besides being frozen cold I must admit riding with snowflakes blowing was quite fun.
We had the chance to ride a few sections of the course for filming purposes. Mark Satran – a local triathlete who has come to our IronEdge Camps ( and Vasso Kelley were gracious to give their time and join in on the fun.

Be sure to visit the site and check it out!! Better yet, come race with us – it will be an AWESOME Event!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Letter from Jimmie
October 20th, 2008

The letter below I received from a young man by the name of Jimmie Guilfoyle who raced Ironman Louisville on behalf of a high school swimmer he coaches Tommy Steiner. Tommy has Down Syndrome. I was fortunate to be at the finish that evening when Jimmie crossed the finish line with Tommy running by his side. Having a child with Cerebral Palsy I know the challenges individuals like Tommy can face on a daily basis. The smile on Tommy’s face as he crossed the line moved me to tears. As the folks from Ironman placed a medal around Jimmie’s neck I reached into my pocket and put my medal around Tommy’s. It’s moments like these and letters like the one below which motivate me on a daily basis. To Jimmie and to Tommy – you are both winners in the most important race of all – The Race of Life!!

Letter from Jimmie Guilfoyle:

Mrs Gollnick,
I am not sure whether or not you will remember me; however, I really wanted to send this message to you thanking you for giving a medal (which I believe was your medal), to my friend Tommy Steiner who has Down syndrome.

I finished later on in the evening and Tommy crossed the finish line with me at Ironman Louisville. I am not sure if you know what impact you had on him, myself, and all of our family and friends that were there. I live right across the Ohio River from Louisville, so it is kind of like a hometown to me. There were a lot of people there supporting Tommy and I, and they all saw what you did. When I looked at his face after that happened, he looked like the world had been given to him, and I just wanted you to know that.

The reason he was with me is because I was racing to raise awareness and support for a foundation his parents started when he was born that helps support families who have been affected by Down syndrome, and I am glad to say it was a great success. It was an unbelievably rough day, as I am sure you know, but it was definitely the greatest day of my life.
I was really disappointed when I heard you had mechanical failures on your bike. I was hoping to see you win again. Congratulations on a great race though.

There is not much more I can really say other than thank you. I can speak for Tommy and his family when I say, what you did changed their life. He wears his medal nearly everyday now and is so proud to have it. So, THANK YOU.

Hope to see you reclaim your title next year.
Jimmie Guilfoyle

Friday, October 10, 2008

September 10th, 2008

It took me a long time to write this race report as every time I sat down the frustration and disappointment I felt was all I could think of. I tried to find the right words – then I found this quote that described how I felt.

“The inner fire to succeed blazes it’s hottest when the windsof adversity blow their strongest”
Man did I want to win! Then I heard this funny I kept complaining about being second when a friend gently reminded me of how many athletes would give anything to be second in an Ironman on a day filled with problems (it helped for a minute – but…) – well, here is the recap:
I love Louisville !! The town is so great and I was so excited to go back and defend my Ironman Title. I had been to Louisville on a quick trip in July to film a video and had an opportunity to talk at Bluegrass Bicycles and go over run drills at a local track for Ken Combs Running Store as well as do an underwater swim clinic with Nancy and our coaching company, IronEdge. But – this time it was about me, and about racing and about laying it all out there!! Well, I did accomplish that although the title eluded me.

I had a great swim. I got on some great feet for the first ½ of the swim until defending Champion Chris McDonald budged his way in front of me and I was stuck on his feet (he doesn’t create nearly the good bubbles of the athlete I was on). I exited the water in great position and things were going as planned. Getting from the swim to the bike was quite painful. The bottom of my foot was still not healed from a bone infection caused by a piece of glass that punctured my foot at a race three weeks prior and the pavement to T1 was not carpeted – OUCH!!

Made it onto the grass portion of transition (thankfully!!) and was quickly off on the bike. My legs felt great! My plan was to pace the first loop and then hammer and negative split the second. Bree Wee and I were going back and forth and the leader Lis Kristensen was 3:30 up. The intensity at this point was moderate and my HR low so I knew I was in good position. We were gaining on the leader who was now less than a minute up! I couldn’t wait to pick it up the second loop.

Then I heard this funny noise, I was asking for help and fortunately they told me it was only my bottle cage which had broken in the back. I continued to ride but then one thing you never want as you are in an Ironman, my front spoke broke. The wheel was rubbing with each revolution and I was screaming for bike tech at every corner and at every media cycle, even volunteers. Fortunately I was able to keep riding (or I may still be out there).

My plan was to hammer until bike tech support got to me as to not lose too much time, but tech never came and never came. I was screaming – I NEED A 650 FRONT WHEEL!! My Heart Rate was sky high but I kept pushing telling myself - keep pushing HG – don’t lose too much time, bike support will be here – 10 more minutes – this happened over and over, fortunately Marc Strickland has taught me how to think positive even in these circumstances. Tech however never came – they got stopped by others with mechanicals and had trouble getting to me on this double loop crowded course. Ultimately the byproduct of all of this was that I was tanking myself for the run. The fact that I did not get tech support for 60+ miles even today is very frustrating. You would never see someone lose the Tour from lack of support.

I got off the bike in 3rd and was tanked. My hands were tingling and I could tell my sodium levels were low. By mile two I was on the ground in the cobra position stretching my cramp out. Hillary Biscay who at the time was 4th behind me was wondering what the heck I was doing up ahead. But, she soon passed me and I was in a disappointing 4th place. I was still hurting so at every aid station I got a cup of chicken broth which helped my body un-cramp and I was feeling better and able to pick it up again.

I passed 3rd place and thought, wow – I can still be in this race after all that. I kept pushing but I was getting side stitches from the soup!! So I quit drinking the soup – side stitch went away and I was able to make a pass for 2nd place but now the dehydration was coming back and the foot injury was killing me!!

I was passed and in third again but passed Lis Kristensen as I pushed myself as hard as I could. It was by far the most painful marathon ever!! Thankfully I ran into Sven, a training friend from home and he encouraged me and ran with me the last three miles.

I crossed the line second, a victory of sorts after the day I experienced – I put it all out there and gave it all I could!! After crossing the finish line I was shortly off to Medical. I am still whipped today and my entire left side of my body is not happy with me for compensating for 26 miles. But, my heart is happy for pushing through a tough day. It may take the competitive part of me awhile to come around as I (without the mechanicals) felt the day was mine. I’ll be back!!!

To my wonderful Sponsors:To my newest Title Sponsor TRAKKERS I cannot thank you enough for your support on a daily basis!! Your product is innovative and meets one of the core needs of our sport. I can’t wait for athletes and spectators alike to see this product in action!! It will truly revolutionize the way people look at our sport – keep your eye’s open everyone for the debut of TRAKKERS!!!!!

QR for my awesome pink camo bike and for their time and attention to my needs, (it was a hit!!!), and Zipp for outfitting me with the fastest wheels in the market today. To my friends at Jaggad, I appreciate your very comfortable and fashionable race gear – great colors, love the shades of Pink. Robert Kunz and First Endurance I believe very strongly in the effectiveness of your wonderful array of products – they are a very specific part of my daily regimen.
To Ed Levins and the Village Bikes family, you know how much I value and respect each and every one of you!! To Chris Miller at Wigwam, and Holly Bennett at GU your personality and passion for Iroman is contagious. Holly thanks for the Roctane Boost on the Run, I was in serious need and once again my Roctane gave me the needed boost! Ironman Helmets thanks for a quality product and your continued support!!

My new Hot Pink Oakley’s were a welcome addition to my Race Day Gear – thanks Greg. And to the folks at Physician’s Pain Relief Cream your product was a welcome addition to my post race cool down. To William at The Center4 thanks for the top-flight massage – thanks to you I can train at a continuous and high level. Dr. B, Norma and Chiro Kinetics you have invested your time and talents into my health and well-being – I am grateful!! Thanks All!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Triathlon Camp #3
March 11th, 2008

I have known John Schelp from SCS Multisport and he was bringing a small group from Minnesota down to Florida for some training. I always love the Triathlon Camps but this was the 3rd Camp in four weeks. I didn’t expect anything out of the usual, swim - bike – run – coach – socialize – eat – and teach but this group was special. Each athlete I can honestly say was so amazing I can’t even explain it. Coach John is a Christian and I think he just attracts (coaches) these personalities.Maybe it was because they all know each other? No – it was just because they are great people because we did have Amy Hanrahan join the group and she fit in like she had known everyone for years. I had scheduled a goal setting/mental prep lecture on Thursday after our feast that my husband Todd prepared (chicken, sweet potatoes, corn, salad, fruit and yes a little chocolate to cap things off). Friday we had an open water swim lecture and swim followed by a short break then underwater video-taping and a bike scheduled.

During the break I was going to my daughter’s school to run a bunny-hop event that had all the classes competing against each other. The contest was how many laps the class (with parents or friends) could complete around the field. Last November the classes competed in one (not nice) child made a snide comment as my daughter Jordan who has Cerebral Palsy only completed 3 laps, (truth be told for a girl with CP that uses canes to walk she worked her butt off – she worked like an Ironman Athlete). Anyway, don’t get me started – so she begged mom please come and run laps – please – your fast, etc….. so when I told the campers/athletes where I was going to be Friday afternoon they all wanted to run for Jordan!! We all had matching IronEdge Shirts on and we ran at McNeal Elementary for Jordan.

Needless to say the Class with our help did 436 laps and SET A NEW SCHOOL RECORD!!!!!!!
Thanks guys – YOU ROCK!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Little Work / Little Play
February 19th, 2008

I had the privilege of flying to Chattanooga Tennessee for one of my great new sponsors. I have had the opportunity to do some consulting work for Quintana Roo on their bikes for 2008 and now I am working with the company to revamp the wetsuit line and work on the 09 bikes.
But after the work I got to play – I drove to Greenville South Carolina and shared my stay between friends Nick and Gail Kattouf and Christina and Randall Maddox. The riding (despite feeling very cold compared to Florida) was absolutely fantastic. There are Mountains there!! YEAH!!! I did a long ride Saturday “the bakery ride” with some of Randall’s friends and Sunday Rick hooked me up with Chris Giordanelli ( a super stud triathlete and super nice guy.

We had such a fun ride. He took me up Ceasers Head. It was an 8 mile climb – don’t get to do that in Florida (not sure if he had to wait for me more going uphill or down?) What a Blast!! Thanks G-Man!!That afternoon/evening I was starving and couldn’t stop eating. Christina made an awesome Salmon dinner and Randall helped me pack up my bike. The next morning I thought I’d go out for a run before hoping on my flight. I was running down Main Street looking for a park/run path (couldn’t find it) but did see 2 hot shot young girls running and stopped to ask them where to run. They were Ashley Long and Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach. They graciously took me on a beautiful run through Centennial Park and up some great hills. Thanks for the camaraderie and new friends – it was the perfect day before boarding my plane for home.

By the way check out their blogs:

Monday, January 28, 2008

First Endurance Press Release
January 28th, 2008

Sponsored Triathlete Heather Gollnick wins Pucon 70.3Jan 20th, 2008 – Pucon, Chile –First Endurance sponsored triathlete Heather Gollnick wins the first big ½ Ironman of the year.

Following a rough swim and rough roads, Gollnick found herself six minutes behind going into T2 with only the ½ marathon remaining to race. “Being this far be­hind, my mindset was WIN or crash and burn.” Gollnick posted the fastest run of the day 1:20 en route to her first victory of the year. “The 70.3 in Pucon was my first race since using the new Op­tygen HP. This product is a true success!! My victory in Pucon is direct proof,” Gollnick also de­pended heavily on the EFS bars to fuel her for this race “It was hard to find foods to fit my unique diet while in Chile where I speak little Spanish and a variety of Gluten Free food were difficult to find. Fortunately I had a box of First Endurance EFS bars that fueled my way to a 70.3 Pucon Victory!!”

Gollnick is in the prime of her racing career and manages the IronEdge Ironman camps.5x Ironman Champion

/ 2007 Ironman Arizona Champion / 2007 Ironman Louisville Champion Pucon, Chile 70.3 results
1st Heather Gollnick USA2nd Lindsey Corbin USA
3rd Tereza Macel CZE
4th Barbara Buenahora ARG
5th Paula Salazar CHI

About First Endurance:
First Endurance proudly sponsors Michael Lovato, Josiah Middaugh, Heather Gollnick, Greg and Laura Bennett, Seth Wealing and other top professional triathletes. These triathletes work closely with First Endurance on new product development. Input and trials from the First Endurance athletes are used to develop new products like PreRace, OptygenHP and the EFS liquid shot, which will be introduced in 2008.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Race Day Pucon
January 20th, 2008

My journey to Pucon.Todd and I were very excited to journey to Pucon once again this year. I cannot say enough about this town and the support for this great race. Pucon hit a new milestone this year officially joining the 70.3 circuit, which is something that is well deserved, as this is one of the best organized races I have ever been to. I am always so impressed with how we are treated in this town. The local population welcomes the Triathlon Community with open arms. Even speaking the small amount of Spanish that I do we never find it a problem as people bend over backwards to be helpful.

I was really looking forward to racing this year. Last year I was in a dual to the end with Lisa Bentley who outran me by a mere 11 seconds. I wasn’t going to let that happen again this year. To prepare for this race I have been focusing on my run, however as we all know Florida isn’t known for its hills. I’ve been doing bridge repeats (only hills in Florida) to prepare. Let me tell ya, it’s not the same but I knew I would have a hard run ahead of me come race day.

Race morning brought us some very cool temperatures. I did my typical warmup, got a hug fromTodd and got in the water to warmup. The pro’s typically have a 20 meter lead over the amateurs. Todd recounted for me the beginning moments of the race as the countdown began and the age-groupers decided to move in mass. By the time the countdown hit GO – everyone was entering the water together. The swim could only be described as a “Hammer Fest” – not sure I have been in such a scrum in a long time.

I exited the water in third place behind both Tereza Macel and Sandra Soldan. There was a cool breeze and a light mist in the air as we took off on our bikes. The roads here are very rough and I found myself dealing with some mechanical issues right off the bat. It’s something I had to work through the entire ride and therefore just never found myself getting into a groove. Can’t wait for those new Zipp wheels to compliment my new sweet ride, that should do the trick. It’s safe to say that I was happy to see T2 but found myself six and a half minutes behind leader Tereza Macel and three and a half minutes behind Lindsey Corbin who had climbed into second place.

I knew the task at hand was going to be a challenging one but I also knew that I was up for it. I had been looking forward to this run for weeks. I absolutely love this portion of the Pucon race course. It is a three loop course with some very challenging hills, especially the second and third time around. This plays to my strength however.

I went out hard from the very beginning. I knew that I had a lot of time to make up but I also had a lot of confidence in my run. This course is great because you can see the competition so many times. With each turnaround I could see that I was eating away into the leaders so with each lap I pushed harder. My mindset was WIN or Crash and Burn.I passed Tereza Macel at the end of the second lap. It was now down to me and Lindsey. We took off up the hill to begin lap number three. I was thirty seconds down and felt confident, as I was still running very strong. I passed Lindsey just before the turnaround point of our third and final lap. I pushed even harder hoping she would not try to stay with me. For the remainder of the third lap I had a chance to enjoy the moment. The crowds here are absolutely great and my finish through town was truly memorable.

I have many people to thank. I am very blessed to have the support of not only my family but of some terrific sponsors. To QR thank you for my sweet new ride, I can’t wait to develop even more cutting edge products as the year progresses.

First Endurance, thank you for the array of Nutritional Products that you offer. I can go into race day confident that I have the nutrition necessary to fuel me all day long.

Ironman Helmets, you make some of the best headwear available anywhere. I cannot wait to break out a new Aero-Helmet in the near future. To Jaggad I so very much appreciate the wide array of quality clothes that I have to choose from. Whether it’s a training day or race day I know I will have the comfort and support I need. The comments I received from my first outing in your clothes were nothing but positive. The colors aregreat, you guys Rock!!To Ed Levins and my extended family at Village Bikes, you know I couldn’t do this without you. As I have publicly stated many times before your friendship and support mean the world to me. Thanks for everything.

Speaking of the Midas touch a very special thank you to my massage therapist William Muhlstadt. You continue to keep me at the level necessary to race with the best in the World.To my friends at Zipp your aero-bars, components and wheels give me the confidence necessary to bike at a high level.

To Chris at Wigwam, Ryan at TYR and Holly at GU thanks for all the great product and for your friendship.

It’s great to start out the season with a big win. I am looking forward to training hard the next few months while preparing to defend my title in Arizona as well as giving back to other athletes as we prepare for our upcoming Tri Camps in Florida this February. Beginner through Half-Ironman Athletes will be joining us Feb. 14-17th and Ironman Athletes February 21-24th. We always have such a great time!! If you need some warm weather and a great kickoff event to your 2008 Season come join us.Log on to: www.ironedgecoaching for more information. See you at the Races!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Arrival in Pucon Chile
January 16th, 2008

We arrived today in Pucon Chile for the Pucon 70.3 (Half-Ironman)I absolutely love this race. We have been coming here for the past severalyears and although it is quite the journey from Florida it is well worth it!!The venus is just beautiful. It is a prime vacation spot for residents ofChile and I can see why!! I describe it very similar to a quaint Coloradotown. The scenery is amazing and the people of Pucon are very welcomingof the Triathlon Community. If your schedule ever allows for a trip to Puconyou would not be dissapointed.