Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally Home

I am so happy to be with my family again. I loved staying with Katya Meyers, a very cool chick, www.katyameyers.com / and absolutely loved training and hanging out with the Lifesport Team. Our Training and the Coaching was fabulous – thanks Lance and Paul and all the coaches!! But, in the end I was homesick and ready to re-unite with the family. Todd said the ten hour drive to New Orleans for 70.3 would cure my homesickness fast. Nothing like a power road trip with the family.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


To be honest the day before the race I was not excited at all. I was feeling trashed from the workouts that took place before (not sure if it was the one and a half hour hill climb followed by the 800’s on the track or the ocean swim followed by the long run into the Energy Lab or maybe it was the five and a half hour ride, well whatever the case I was not excited to race.

I didn’t feel prepared, all these athletes with their fancy bikes, race wheels, aero helmets – I didn’t have the wheels or helmet but I did have my cool pink camo QR bike – but since it was a training trip I didn’t bring my ZIPP’s or Ironman Helmet. But that’s it!! Training Race! How lucky was I that I was in Hawaii and had the chance to compete in Lavaman in the pro field. Many athletes dream of this – now it was just time to convince myself.

I woke up at 3:30 (alarm was set for 4:45am) and I couldn’t go back to sleep, (good sign) had the usual nerves and couldn’t eat a ton (good sign) so maybe I was excited to go race. All week we had been doing ocean starts to prepare us for the season. I was psyched to hang on to the second group of women, Bree and Mags, even after Bree dunked me – yes on purpose!! (Bree you were going to teach me how on Monday!).

After all was said and done we hung on to a local boy, made a quick transition and got out onto the bike. I didn’t feel right and thought I must have a flat – looked down – Nope!! Are you sure? You gotta have a flat, are you kidding me – come on it’s just me. Well I wish I could report that I had a flat but the tire was fine, it was just me not moving near my race pace at all. Guess I need to rest up for 70.3 New Orleans next week (Oh and bring all my secret weapons, Todd and the kids, ZIPP wheels, aero helmet, my First Endurance EFS and my massage therapist William from the center4, http://www.thecenterfour.com/

Anyway felt ok on the run – it was an awesome run course – ran through the Hilton Gardens, beach lagoons area where you can swim with the dolphins. I had to remind myself to keep running, couldn’t stop thinking about what an awesome resort this would be with the kids. I was quickly reminded I was racing however as we had to carefully step on the lava rocks run path – that’s why they call it Lavaman !! I finished third behind Lisa Mensick, our Lifesport Olympian won it and miss local Bree Wee was close behind. It was fun to hang out after the race but I can’t wait to go home and see the family!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kona Training

On Thursday we did an open water swim then a long run on the Queen K and down into the Energy Lab. WOW - what awesome practice to be on this course. We followed that up on Friday with a 5 and a half hour ride to Havi and back.

I was kinda crabby at the early a.m. masters practice prior to the ride as I was just missing Todd and the kids sooooo much. Part of the give and take with these types of training trips - hard to deal with at times. Anyway - back to the ride ! The head wind was stiff and the cross winds typical Kona - WOW, never a favorite of mine but by the end I was happy I did it - plus enjoyed having Bree to ride with !!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What a ride we had today – I guess I wanted to do some hills, after all that was one of the main reasons for coming here. WOW – I got all I could ask for !! What a tremendous CLIMB – would it ever end?? We grouped up in town, began a little warmup then the climb up Hina Lani.

This monster climb finishes with a major jump in elevation. The 6.5 mile ride up Kaloko has some big time grades from 17 to some places that measure a 21. The group got pretty spread out as we continued to climb – what an awesome workout though!! I can see why people come here to train, you can’t help but get stronger doing these type of workouts on a continuous basis.

Right after the hour and a half climb I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel transitioning right into our track workout. I was very happy that my legs felt good and I was hitting my times (even sub goal time) and it was absolutely great to have a group to not only train with but cheer for. I find it very motivating personally and hope that I provide a sense of motivation for the other Lifesport Athletes. This is such a great camp – I absolutely love the experience.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Maui to Kona Adventure !!

Today Katya and I packed up our gear and headed off together to meet up with Coach Paul in Kona. We arrived at the airport, began the standard check-in routine which quickly turned strange when the individual checking us in proceeded to ask us not only about the weight of our bags but what we weighed personally. I’m thinking to myself, what is this about? I hear the woman next to me being asked the same questions then hear her response, “I weight 102” Whatever – I am thinking to myself there is no way you are 102, and more importantly what is up with these weight questions?

Turns out the plane we are taking is one of these tiny inner-island carriers. To be honest I have never seen such a small plane and such a low budget operation. When they announced that it was time to board I looked out onto the runway and asked myself “board what?” We were getting on an 8 passenger plane with a max weight limit. Katya and I had all our gear including two bikes, the procedure was hilarious. Poor Katyas temporary bike box for travel was made of cardboard but ultimately too big to fit in the cargo box. We didn’t want to leave it so she borrowed a scissors and began cutting it down to size, finally borrowing some scotch tape to hold it together during flight. Way too Funny, but props to her for making it work.

So we board the plane and the pilot gets on, I’m thinking man that guy looks familiar then it occurs to me, that’s the same guy who was checking us in !!

Oh my !! So I’m in the first row seat and can literally touch the pilots shoulder in front of me – security? What security? Thankfully this is a short flight because every time there was a gust of wind the plane jerked in a different direction. I couldn’t wait to get back on the ground. We made it to Kona safely, the pilot got off the plane and proceeded to unload everyone’s luggage. Wow, this guy is a true one man show !!

I’m now pumped to be in Kona, it seems so different when you are here and the World Championships aren’t taking center stage – it’s a different looking town. Anyway can’t wait for some great ocean swims as well as the opportunity to train on the Kona course. More to come !!

Friday, March 20, 2009


So I am enjoying some great training here in Maui. Lance dubbed each Friday “Fantastic Friday” – we were all geared up for some great training. We began this past Friday with a long steady state ride which took us along Maui’s beautiful coast overlooking the Ocean. There was that part of me that really wanted to be able to stop and take some pictures for this blog but I couldn’t because the group was moving along way too fast !! (Thanks Mags and Linsey)

Straight away to a run workout....400's!!!!!!! - I have not done any track work yet this year ( for that matter since about last August) and was so glad to have company for this one – 20 x 400 at 70.3 race pace !

Basically heart rate was high and I wanted to puke!!! - Gotta love it!!!

After our coastline ride and run workout Lance took us to the pool for the following workout:
10 x 400 / we did 5 of them pulling and the next 5 pulling with a paddle. It was another great workout and truly a “Fantastic Friday”

So what could be better than (20) Fantastic Friday you ask? How about “Suffer Saturday” WOW – what another great training day/ workout, it started with a long (3 hours) but somewhat flat terrain ride, THEN we added another 3 hours, this time all Climbing !! This little Florida girl is finally getting some climbing she so desperately needs - yahoo!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lifesport Camp - Maui Fun !!

"The best moments in life are not the passive times,
they occur when mind and body are exerted to the limits !"
Well this is a perfect quote for the Lifesport Camp !!

Training Camp here in Maui - WOW - first, this place
is beautiful !! I have been to Hawaii many times but
never to Maui.

So far I have been:
EXCITED (to be here)
TIRED (from all the travel - 6 hr. time change)
HUMBLED (by the Hills)
THANKFUL (for training partners)
RELIEVED (a break from work as ironedgecoaching
just wrapped up our third tri camp)

A BIG thanks to Lifesport for arranging this great
experience !! And also to all the great athletes for
pushing me to the next level each and every day !!
And to my HUBBY (for encouraging me to go !)

Many emotions go through my mind on a daily basis,
I relish the training opportunities that I am taking part
in daily but so very much miss my husband and kiddos.
A trade off that has always been difficult for me, anyway
gotta rest up for a 2 hour ride with 30 minute TT,
followed by mile repeats !! CANT WAIT !!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Upcoming Lifesport Maui Camp

I have been reading Linsey's blogs which are really getting me excited about my training trip (Maui/ Kona). A lot of the Lifesport gang arrived in Mid February, some late February. They are having a fantastic (which also means hard) training trip and I cant wait.. BUT I have this pit in my stomach .......
I am a HOMEBODY - You would never know as I love to Travel (Is that an oxymoron or what?) but I hate leaving Todd and the kids, or maybe its that I love to travel with them. I just miss them so terribly when I am gone. I did really want to go to the camp starting February 20th but I would have had to take a flight home early for homesickness or family sickness !! Ha Ha but its likely true !! So mid march (have to be home for the big birthday March 9th) will ultimately be long enough for this girl - look for fun photos from Hawaii to come!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Tri Camp

We recently wrapped up our third and final tri camp for the year. We had another tremendous group of athletes come together to share the experience of training and learning together in a fun environment. Our athletes were from Las Vegas, Maryland, New Jersey, Tennessee, Mississippi and Florida - it was a truly tremendous group !!

I always love the opportunity to get to meet new people who are passionate about our sport and hungry to learn more and take their training and racing to a new level. We packed in three and a half great days of constant activity, enjoy a few photos from the Camp.