Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Fashion Statement or new nickname??

September 18th, 2007
One of my friends wanted to nickname me Crash Gollnick since I just had a big one a week ago. Man was it painful – I went down sideways and tucked my arm in being careful not to break anything and rolled/skidded to my back side. I was in a little shock and it took a few minutes before I stopped shaking. Then it took all my energy not to shed mega tears.

I was with a group of all guys on a group-ride in San Antonio Florida so I had to be tough. Lucky my friend Nader was with me to take care of me (thanks bud). Nader qualified for Kona at Ironman Arizona and has been my main training partner and is quite a stud!! He poured peroxide on me that we got at a gas station (again very painful).

When I got home I had to clean it but couldn’t bear it!! So my husband jumped in to help – I have never had road rash on my shoulder and back like this!! I started a new fashion statement – a shirt or sweatshirt with one arm and half of the back cut out – very attractive!! Neighbors would stop by or the delivery guys and I’d get a very strange look – until I turned around – then I’d get a GASP!!

I am happy to report it is healing great and I was able to get back on the bike to get in the Training!!

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