Monday, October 15, 2007

My Race Day - Kona 2007
October 15th, 2007

What a Season!!2nd at Ironman New Zealand1st at Ironman Arizona1st at Ironman Louisville11th at Ironman World Championships

Although Top 10 was the goal, I am very happy with the day and with a stellar 2007 Season.
The race was hard fought and there were a lot of newbies (in Kona) for the Pro Women. It was great to see them shake things up a bit. I must admit when I saw Chrissie Welington in the lead I had no idea who it was. I had never heard of her - way to go Chrissie!!

For me I had a solid day in all 3 legs of the race. I got off to a good start in the swim but was getting hammered and had to jockey for position causing me to lose the pack I was with. I worked with Rutger Beke through the second third of the swim. We were then caught by a large pack. To my satisfaction I exited with a large group of key competitors.

There were so many women who exited the swim together making it very difficult for the women to spread out. I was having to work hard to keep these women in my sight as the first 30 minutes of the bike always seem hard as I try to find my rhythm. After the turn in Havi I feel like I had found a second wind and pushed hard back into town passing several women along the way.

I had some cramping during the bike and the first 6 miles of the run, but I was able to ease the discomfort with some Alleve and additional Electrolytes. Soon after I was feeling like myself again!! I started the run in fourteenth place, ran four girls down and got passed by one. I ended up running a 3:16 and considering how slow the first six miles were I was pleased overall with the run time as well as with the 9:40 PR in Kona.

Thanks to all my Sponsors and fans for your support and encouragement before the race. I loved all the e-mails!! Very special thanks to the Luna Team for a great week. Waldek, Chris, Dylan you were a great support - thanks for being part of our day!! For now its ice-cream and play time!!

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