Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Heather Joins the Quintana Roo Family
December 26th, 2007

Heather Gollnick joins QROO as female figurehead and product advisor.

Immediate release / Chattanooga, TN:
Heather Gollnick, 5x Ironman Champion and mother of three has joined the American Bicycle Group as both Team, and Product advisor to the Quintana Roo brand. We are proud to announce that Heather will be racing with Quintana Roo bikes and wetsuits for the next 3 years.

Peter Hurley, CEO states “Heather brings a unique knowledge of female sports to the company that will assist Brad DeVaney and the wetsuit team to further develop female specific products. Her Ironman victories at Arizona and Louisville in 2007 reflect the dedication and focus she puts into all she undertakes, I’m especially delighted to have her on board.”

Heather, a winner of over one-hundred multi-sport events adds: “I’m extremely excited to be joining the Quintana Roo family. Everybody at the company is so focused on producing the very best bikes and wetsuits available to the multi-sport community. This level of dedication will no doubt assist in taking my racing to a new level.”

“The added opportunity of helping Peter Hurley develop future products for the female triathlon arena is something I relish. I have some fantastic ideas and it will be great working with someone who has such an open-mind and vision for quality”

Heather will be racing a ladies Carbon Dulce frame and the Superfull Women’s specific wetsuit.
Quintana Roo has since its inception, harnessed the desire for female specific products. Although copied by all, Quintana Roo stands proud to be the first in the market with a female specific wetsuit. Quintana Roo is held under the umbrella of The American Bicycle Group alongside its Litespeed and Merlin brands.

For more information please contact Dean Jackson 423 238 8781

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