Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Triathlon Camp #3
March 11th, 2008

I have known John Schelp from SCS Multisport and he was bringing a small group from Minnesota down to Florida for some training. I always love the Triathlon Camps but this was the 3rd Camp in four weeks. I didn’t expect anything out of the usual, swim - bike – run – coach – socialize – eat – and teach but this group was special. Each athlete I can honestly say was so amazing I can’t even explain it. Coach John is a Christian and I think he just attracts (coaches) these personalities.Maybe it was because they all know each other? No – it was just because they are great people because we did have Amy Hanrahan join the group and she fit in like she had known everyone for years. I had scheduled a goal setting/mental prep lecture on Thursday after our feast that my husband Todd prepared (chicken, sweet potatoes, corn, salad, fruit and yes a little chocolate to cap things off). Friday we had an open water swim lecture and swim followed by a short break then underwater video-taping and a bike scheduled.

During the break I was going to my daughter’s school to run a bunny-hop event that had all the classes competing against each other. The contest was how many laps the class (with parents or friends) could complete around the field. Last November the classes competed in one (not nice) child made a snide comment as my daughter Jordan who has Cerebral Palsy only completed 3 laps, (truth be told for a girl with CP that uses canes to walk she worked her butt off – she worked like an Ironman Athlete). Anyway, don’t get me started – so she begged mom please come and run laps – please – your fast, etc….. so when I told the campers/athletes where I was going to be Friday afternoon they all wanted to run for Jordan!! We all had matching IronEdge Shirts on and we ran at McNeal Elementary for Jordan.

Needless to say the Class with our help did 436 laps and SET A NEW SCHOOL RECORD!!!!!!!
Thanks guys – YOU ROCK!!!

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