Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kona Underwear Run

The Kona underpants run is a race-week tradition designed
to poke fun (and discourage) those athletes who insist on
wearing their training gear in unsuitable endeavors, such as
shopping, dining out or hitting the local coffee shop, Lava Java.

Below runners take the underpants oath before beginning
their one mile jog through town. The pictures below speak
for themselves - it is quite the site to behold, or participate in!


  1. Heather, when Kona is finished can I borrow your abs? Just for a day? Please? :o)

    Seriously, sending LOTS of good luck wishes your way... and tons of hugs from Florida. Wishing you a fantastic race tomorrow! Scott & I will be in super-stalk mode!

    Go HARD and have FUN!!!!

  2. ACK! We could all do without the Borat look alike! You, however, look fAB-ulous! Have a great race!

  3. I'm sure gettinngout to the start line about now...have a safe and super race


  4. That last fella is hilarious. I bet that run was a blast and kept you laughing the whole time.