Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Kona

We have been having a busy but great time
here in Kona. Below Morgan Clark owner
of All3 Sports and I hooked up with Laura
Sophia and her friend for a little spin.

My Support crew from QR has been AWESOME !!
Brad and Mac followed me on my ride to make sure I
was having no problems with my CD01 after a few
quick adjustments. I cant thank these guys enough
for their support while we have been here - they are
simply the best. THANKS GUYS !!

Eric Bell (Pro Triathlete from Knokville Tennessee) and I
take a break after one of my many Rev3 Interviews for the
day. I had the opportunity to interview many of our great
Rev3 Sponsors throughout the day about our upcoming
2010 Series.

Check out for all the latest details on this
awesome new Series.

One of a very few quiet moments before my Lifesport
Press Conference began at the Expo.

Lance Watson leads a question and answer period
featuring Linsey Corbin, Haley Cooper and myself.

Each year a group of Pro's get selected by NBC Sports to
do pre race interviews. Below I am doing a Q & A with
one of the NBC guys for use during the one hour show.

I then did a quick photo shoot for NBC Sports. Every year
they try and capture a variety of images that once again
will be used for the one hour television production of the
World Championships.

A picture of Kevin Mackinnon and I after my
NBC duties wrapped up. Kevin has written
some terrific stories about our family over
the years - he is a great writer and an even
better guy !!

Here I am with good friend Scott Rigsby.
I am holding his new Book "Unthinkable"
The true story about the first double
amputee to complete the World famous
Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon.

Scott has a soft spot for my daughter Jordan
and personally signed this book with a special
note just for her.

Below are two photos from our K-Swiss Team Press
Conference. It was a blast to take the stage with fellow
teammates - Erik Vervloet has put together a super
group of athletes. I wish everyone the best of luck
this coming Saturday !!


  1. Amazing pictures! Wish I could be there to cheer you on in person! :o)

  2. What a great time it looks like you are having! Start hard and Stay strong tomorrow....I know you'll have a great race!


  3. I just can't even imagine how exciting it must be in Kona right now. I'll probably never know...Thanks for sharing so much of your trip with us. Maybe someday I'll get there...