Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sammy's Run

What a fun morning, I got to do something I love doing with my family. My youngest son Zachary ran the 1 mile fun run and Jordan did the kids dash and I ran the 5k. A few days ago when we were talking about the race Zach started talking a little smack about competing in the 1 mile run. He said to Todd and I, “mom, it’s not that far and you both know that I am pretty fast” Todd and I gave each other a we’ll see type look, it’s true that he is one of the fastest kids on his baseball team but that’s running 90 feet from base to base. We didn’t even know if he’d be able to run a mile and thought he would likely go out way too fast and have to stop but…. The little baseball speedster ran a 5:56 mile, granted the course may have been a little short but that was awesome !! It was such a joy seeing him run, enjoy it and run fast ! We have not pushed our kids anywhere near the sport of triathlon so it was special to me, especially because running is my passion.

“Jordan’s Dash” Our daughter Jordan was entered into a dash for kids with disabilities. The Goal of Sammy’s Run is to raise money for Oak Park School, a terrific school for kids with all ranges of disabilities and to ultimately make a difference in the life of a child. Members of the Oak Park School community, together with 22q13 Deletion Foundation and the Manasota Track Club, host Sammy's Run, named after a local boy Sammy Lomas. It is an event filled with races, music and snacks with all proceeds going to Oak Park School and 22q13 Deletion Foundation. I am so glad we went down to support Sammy’s Run. Jordan was looking forward to being part of the dash and she eagerly took off to the start line. When they gave the word “GO” she went flying down the road using her canes, man can she move with those things. Her face always beams with pride after taking part in an event like this. She is so proud of how far she has come and we are so proud of her !!! WAY TO GO JORDAN – YOU ROCK !!

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