Friday, May 8, 2009

Muffins for Moms :)

My baby (pictured below) was so excited as today was "Muffins for Moms" Day at School.
I was doing some computer work early this morning when Zach woke up all excited (almost like Christmas). "Come on Mom - Get Ready" he called out. He wanted to get to school early telling me we will need to drive here, then we have to park over there, then to the Office for check in..... he couldn't stop.

I looked him in the eye and said, but Zach I am ready ! No come on mom - jumping up and down. What I said, I cant wear this? Mom he responded (hands on hips) your in your PJs !! He took my hand and led me into my bedroom closet and picked out what I should wear (oh, he will make a good husband someday). He wanted me to wear my skull hat - kids think skulls are cool, either that or he wanted his mom to be a bad a_ _ !! He proceeded to tell me that I looked really nice (a really good husband he will be) - and we were off......

At school he served me fruit and a chocolate muffin - he knows me so well !! He made me a cute flower pot with a long list of nice things written about mom. At first I thought all the kids must have copied them off the board as the list read - (#1) I love you Mom, (#2) Your the Best,
(#3) You are a great cook, (ok now I know he was just copying them off the board) ... but as the list developed I knew they were in fact just for me as his list continued with:

I love you because....

You are FAST (I laughed inside but I did love it)
Because you take care of me
You say prayers with me
You are fun to play with
You are STRONG !!

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