Thursday, July 30, 2009

Family Vacation


I cant wait – we are spending a week away together in Hawaii. I love all our neighbors and the kids have great friends but selfishly I am glad that they will be playing with us all week and not just their friends. Vacations Rock ! I love our home but I definitely don’t miss the phone, kids ringing the doorbell every 5 minutes or the never ending to do list. Its time for me and my family – and I love it

We are all having a blast - doing some serious water time in all the pools around where we are staying. My boys are all over the place umping from one pool to the hot tub to the water slide - they are never ending action. My Princess Jordan is a little more low key which is great because we are having some great quality time together.

In between all the family fun I am able to fit in a workout or two. Bree Wee has been showing me the lay of the land and I enjoy the opportunity to train together when we can.


  1. Aww... so nice that you are all having a super family vacation! You and the kiddos look so happy! Have boat loads of FUN!

  2. Those look like some happy kids! And when the kids are happy, the parents are happy.

    We are headed to CA to visit my son's favorite Aunt and Uncle. Good times. Have fun!!

  3. Sounds like a great time! Have fun living the Hawaii lifestyle with the family.