Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lovin The Holiday - Happy 4th !!

Yes there are many reasons to love the 4th of July Holiday. The friends, the picnics, the food (it’s a Holiday so you can eat whatever you want – NO GUILT !!) the fireworks – OH so many reasons but for me there are 2 additional reasons:

1. Everyone is in a great mood!!

2. There is always LOTS of training opportunities !! I decided to do the Village Bikes Ride this morning (a great sponsor of mine).

I met my friend Tracy and we rode to the shop where we did a 50 mile nice steady ride ( well there’s always a few that try to push the pace and drop the group – today we had two like that and we just let them go). Village had bagels, coffee and the Tour de France playing after the ride – what a fun morning – THANKS VILLAGE

Then I was off to the Salmon Swim with the Sharks Swim Team. After a warmup we did 50 x 50 on 1:00 minute. Doesnt not sound that hard but you had to pull yourself out of the pool on the end after each 50. The first 30 were not bad, but from 31-50 I felt my triceps when getting out of the pool – but so much fun !! Hope you had a great 4th as well !!!

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  1. I love the pictures heather! I can't believe how much the kids are growing up!!! Hope the 4th included some chocolate treats????!!!