Wednesday, August 5, 2009

High Hawi Winds & Beautiful Sunsets

Today was the perfect day to bike to Hawi as the winds were blowing at a rather intense level. This particular section of the course is the hilliest part and the cross winds can be quite intimidating. The cross winds were gusting on the way up so I knew that I was in for a challenge on the way down.

One of my fears is getting a flat as I fly down from Hawi after the turnaround – well, my fears came true – I got the flat !! It’s not something you really want but I was somehow glad it happened as I now know how it feels going 30+ mph with cross winds and having your tire blow. It’s the scenario that you aren’t interested in having but yet makes you better in the end – for instance the winds aren’t fun to battle against but they make you stronger – and, you don’t want to bonk – but the experience itself is a learning process therefore important in the long run.

When I returned from my Hawi Bike experience I enjoyed a terrific evening with my family. We ventured out for a nice dinner, enjoyed watching a Hawaiian Luau and experienced the most beautiful sunset, it was an evening that the whole family will remember for a long time !!


  1. 30+ mph + blowout... scary! But, I can see how once you 'have' the experience under your belt, you are better prepped for it 'should' it happen on race day. Gorgeous pics as always. I love the third one from the top. You should blow that up and frame it! :o)

  2. ok, scary doesn't even do justice to how I would feel have a blowout @ 30 mph going downhill, no less. I think terror best describes it.

    That Buddha shot is priceless! you all look great!