Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Atlantis Submarine Adventure

Today we took the kids into Kona for some
shopping and a once in a lifetime experience
of a ride in a submarine - the following is an
excerpt from my daughter Jordan's journal:

Today my family and I rode into town because
we were getting the opportunity for a special
adventure - the chance to ride on an actual
submarine !! The name was the Atlantis and
it is the world's largest passenger submarine
with 48 seats and 48 port holes to look out
into the depths of the ocean and all of its
amazing sealife. We reached depths of 103 feet
below the surface and witnessed a whole new
world on the base of the ocean floor - it is
something I will never forget, thanks mom and
dad - what a wonderful day !!

Zach and mom on the way back to shore !

A picture of the Atlantis Submarine

The Atlantis with a huge Oceanliner in the background

Jordan, Josh and Zach explore the Ocean !!

Cool sights all around !!


  1. Oh, wow! That is very, very cool! Looks like you and the fam are having loads of fun! Enjoy the rest of your vacation! :o)

  2. Holy cow!! That is awesome!! That is going to be an experience your kids will never forget!!

  3. How Cool! They must have been over the moon! I won't tell my son as he will be soooooo jealous.