Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vacation no More

Todd is off to Wisconsin where we grew up for a friends
wedding and the kids get to stay with Grandma and
Grandpa Bruett. The kids are thrilled to be with them
as it has been about 9 months since they have seen each
other. I know they will all have a great time together.
For me I am staying in Kona a little longer to really
WORK !!!

I will be training next week and staying with friends and
awesome athletes - Kevin Moats and Laura Sophia. I will
go to the Ocean but it wont be in a submarine like I did
with the kids - I will be swimming the course in full !!

I will be driving up the coast - but this time on my bike to
Hawi - and not to visit the famous beaches.

I will also be visiting the pool, but not for the slides and
the waterfalls but to do laps !!!


  1. Have a great training week! I know you will miss the kids and todd but am sure you enjoyed all the family time on vacation!

  2. good luck! I hope you tear their legs off on the day.