Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Arrival in Pucon Chile :)

Pucon is one of my favorite places to go !! We travel from Tampa to Miami, Miami to Santiago and finally Santiago to Temuco. From Temuco we jump in a transport to Pucon.

Once we arrive in Santiago its time to start using the old Spanish. I took Espanol in High School and every time we come to Chile its hilarious as we try to communicate in our limited knowledge of the language. Todd was entertained as I used my limited Spanish vocabulary (combined with random hand gestures) to talk through Customs in Santiago. Its fun though, and the people just smile (and chuckle) as we try to speak their language.

We have always found everyone in this Country SUPER helpful. Temuco is a small somewhat typical South American city, but as you travel to Pucon (a hotspot destination of those with the financial means in Chile) the tone changes. It is a well to do, beautiful town, in fact a somewhat rockin town!! The beach is crowded until late evening (for us its late). It gets dark very late here and dinner is usually between 8:30-11:30pm. The music cranks out throughout the night as people fill the streets late. As you might imagine the mornings are very peaceful and quite.
The race hotel is the Hotel Gran Pucon right on the water, with a beautiful black sand beach. I had been tired from the long travel but couldn’t wait to go for my 30 minute easy jog and a short swim. As you turn your head in the crystal clear water you get a peak of the snow capped volcano – just breathtaking!! Check out some of the photos – can you tell we love this place !!

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