Friday, January 16, 2009

Pucon Pre-Race Interview


The American women athletes are here in the ninth region and are ready to win this competence. They know and respect each other, and the 70.3 Pucón Ironman is one of their favourite race.

-Of Heather Gollnick, I ve got a very special opinion. When I started in this triathlon thing she was my idol. She is definitely the top triathlete of the United States and I feel honoured to compete next to her in this beautiful race-. With these words Linsey Corbin shows her great admiration for her opponent and friend, Heather Gollnick, who was enshrined as the champion of the Pucón Ironman last year, while Linsey arrived on the second place. That s why, all the attention of the women¿s race is on these two featured athletes from the States. This is the fifth race in Pucón for Heather and for Linsey it s her second time. -This is a beautiful race and that is why I¿m here in Pucón again. Like Linsey, of course I want to win. Like everybody we want to win and give our best in this 70.3 Ironman.- says Heather Gollnick. -This is a very extraordinary race and I want to come here always during my career.

Its a very high competitive level race and this year I want to be the number one- added Linsey. Heather Gollnick is decided to defend her crown although she knows there is a hard competence next to her. Lindsey had an excellent year 2008, where she became fifth in the Hawaii Ironman and was the best triathlete of the year in the States. They have both an arduous preparation and are hoping that all that work becomes reflected this Sunday when the mother of the Chilean triathlon races will start. -I come from a very cold place and I train arduously indoors to be ready for this competence. It is a hard contest because of the -peninsula- part, but I hope to do my best and be able to do a good race- adds Linsey. Heather has a similar opinion and says -in the place I live there aren t many hills on which to train. Im well prepared for this race and I feel Im on my best for this Ironman that is one of the hardest of the world. Linsey is a great athlete and that was demonstrated by her fifth place obtained last year in Hawaii. Undoubtedly this is going to be a very nice duel.-

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