Friday, January 16, 2009


Today was the kids race in Pucon !! 250 kids compete in the Event and in a word it is AWESOME !!!!!! The kids range in age from 7-16.

Keep in mind, Triathlon in South America is a BIG DEAL !! There are few mainstream sports in Chile, unlike the U.S. where kids are playing Football, Baseball, Basketball, etc..... It is so cool to see the sport that I love so popular and treated with such Respect !!

You have to see it first hand but these kids ARE IN TO IT !! The look on their faces is pure intensity, one would think this was an Olympic Qualifier. And if you think the kids are in to it - you should see the Adults. WOW !!

As defending Champion of the race I was asked by the Race Director to be present and assist in handing out awards post race.

OK - now I know what a Rock Star must feel like. It was absolutely crazy. After the first few kids came up to me it was a non-stop picture frenzy !! I have never seen anything like it, it just kept going and going - my husband started snapping pictures as well, then eventually stopped as he wondered if it would end. We were soon pulled away to the stage for the awards ceremony.

This will be our fan base come Sunday !! What a great experience - the fun here never ends :)

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