Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Today I went up to San Antonio Florida with friends Monica, Tracy and Tom. Its about a 1 hour 15 minute drive from here but there are HILLS!!!

We started out riding mellow but picked up the pace after 10 miles. At 20 we did 4 Hill Repeats on the longest hill around (about 7 min.). We then rode 10 miles to another big hill and did 4 more repeats (about 4 min. each). We did an out and back where I just wanted to keep Tracy in site. I then decided to make this a long 5 hour ride.


A). I just love to ride and train

B). Wednesday all day until Thursday I cant eat anything (I dont workout well on no calories),
so get it in Tuesday?

C). The roads up here are amazing - hills, twists and turns - much different from our long flat
roads - I did drive 1:15 to get here.

D). All of the above

I am having a colonoscopy on Thursday so no eating Wednesday (I really dont do so well working out without calories). I have had some issues with needing to stop in the woods (not to look at the leaves and collect pine cones) I doubt anything will show up but its very frustrating (especially in races!!)

Sorry, no pictures - was too tired when done - ha ha


  1. Whew... if it's Tracy from Village that you're talking about, I can't even imagine keeping up with her. Superstar! :o)

    Hope all goes well with the colonoscopy today. I can see how that may be a 'wee' bit frustrating to deal with during a race. Hoping it's nothing serious.

  2. I would have loved to have ridden (in your draft - ha!) on the HILLS? in florida. Did everything go okay withe the colonoscopy? Miss talking to you! And, have you decided what you are going to do end of March - training camp or will you be in Florida?