Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sharks Swim Team Practice

Today I swam with the kids - yes, they are all little whiper-snappers, 13-17 years old and FAST!! It was a great practice. We did lots of IM, Free, Kicking, Pulling - basically lots of swimming. The first "set" was 5x 300 mixed IM, which I never fully grasp - fly, back, breast, back, breast, fly, breast, fly, back, etc...

I do Free in between so as not to get lapped. We did 3 x 200 kick (yep, do get lapped) oh boy another kick set - at this point I would in the past have switched to free, drill or pulling - or put fins on!! feeling as a triathlete I dont need to kick but coach Paul taught me through his actions/workouts at Camp that kicking was important as they did it frequently. I vowed not to bow out of kick sets and even made the 10 x 50 kicks on 1:05 today. It's all about achieving these mini goals :) Now where are the chocolate chip Pancakes??

No Picture of me doing butterfly - that would be quite the photo - ha ha

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  1. Ohhh, that brought back bad, bad memories of swim practice. I hate the IM drills, especially because for the life of me, I could not do the fly. What made it worse is that my coach made me do the event at races and always finished dead last.