Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sports and More Sports......

There never seems to be a dull moment
around the Gollnick House. One of the great
things about Florida is that the kids can be
outside actively involved in sports year
around. Makes our already busy life even crazier
but I love seeing them out there being
active and enjoying themselves.

My nine year old Zach was re-united this year
with his old baseball coach from a few years ago.
He is a real fun guy and the kids love playing
for him. HIs Team name is the Bulldogs
and he cranks up "who let the dogs out"
every time they run out of the dugout.
Zach loves it.

My oldest Josh is getting into Tennis and
is taking to it rather quickly. My husband and
I both agree that he has the build for it and he
is quick on his feet. Yes, its a busy life but
when you see your kids happy - its all worth
it !!!