Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Late Blogger - Late Bloomer

Well, I am a late blogger as this race was “last” weekend but I guess I was a late bloomer too (ha ha). Anyway, it was the State 10k Championships which happened to be close to my home so when my sponsor K-Swiss requested I go – it fit as a perfect training run so I was off to the race.

My legs were tired and heavy but I went out at a 5:46 mile and paid for it as I got passed and passed. I was the first female and 10k State Champion but I wished I had ran faster, but hey – I guess that’s why they call it “training” / Anyway the photographer (Robert Petrillo ) got some great shots. Thanks so much Robert !!


  1. I love my K Swiss!! Good job on the race.

  2. You look "awesome" - you know what I mean!!! Wish I looked that great running - ha! I have been thinking about you, and greatly appreciate your post the week earlier. Keep inspiring me!

  3. OK,I had some time to set up my account so I can follow this blog. I am in. 10K and you won. emagine that. Hope all is well.