Saturday, June 27, 2009

Buffalo Springs 70.3

Today I am in Lubbock Texas here at the very beautiful Buffalo Springs Lake for a pre-race swim and jog before Sundays Ironman 70.3

I believe I am recovered from Ironman Brazil and was getting antsy to race, especially after working and doing all the commentating for our Rev3 Race in Connecticut. Man it was hard to watch all my friends and fellow competitor’s race (couldn’t wait to race again myself).

When the Race Director here at Buffalo Springs asked me to come down and race I couldn’t turn it down. I have never been to the Buffalo Springs 70.3 or even Texas for that matter and felt like this hilly, hot race would help in my preparation for the World Championships in Kona as well as helping to build my strength for overall racing.

Yes, I even had some rare time to blog as this will be a quick weekend trip for Todd and I. The summer has been great thus far; we have had some nice quality time with the kids now that they are out of school and have been busily planning our 2010 Rev3 Race Series so the quick break from a busy life has been nice. I have watched more TV in the last two days than I have in the last two months.


  1. Heather, SO Glad you are back to racing, no idea you were racing-anyways, now that it is over... YAY!
    Looking forward to seeing you at camp Canada! All the best,