Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rev3 - What a Blessing !!

Our recent Rev3 Triathlon was the culmination of several months of hard work and preparation. It’s hard to believe that only nine months ago three of us were sitting in a hotel room in Boulder Colorado, I my husband Todd and Charlie Patten (more on Charlie in a minute). We were talking about our sport, how fortunate we were to be involved in something that we loved and what we might do different if we had an event of our own. We both have families and we discussed at great length how events could do a much better job integrating the family into the experience.

Triathlon can be a very selfish sport. The simple fact is that families give up a great deal so that we as athletes can pursue our passions. When it comes to race day we wanted everyone to be part of the experience which was one of the reasons we chose Quassy Amusement Park for our first Venue.

Before I go any further I want to acknowledge Charlie Patten and his wonderful family as they are the true reason for the existence of this Event !! Without Charlie and the support of his family there would be no Rev3. Together we all brought various talents to this venture but to Charlie a big thanks for making this dream a reality.

Race Day was awesome, a true blessing !! So many things that we integrated were new to our sport in many ways. Degrees of technology have been used in Triathlon but nothing on the level of Rev3. This will be something that only improves over time and lends itself to broadening “the experience” for athletes and families alike who are partaking in our events.

I had a great time doing commentary all day with Stu of “Simply Stu” and Luke Bell (after some unfortunate bike trouble knocked him out of the race). And I know that spectators had a blast following the race whether it be from the Jumbo Screen in transition or following loved ones through the use of Trakkers GPS units (an incredible new technology). If you want “true” real time updates then Trakkers is for you – just ask any family member who used it – it’s the BOMB !!!!

And for the 37,000 people who followed the event live on our website – I hope you enjoyed the show. I am happy to report that this has been the first of many future Rev3 Events. For more information and continual updates check out


  1. So glad that Rev3 went well. I have heard alot of good feedback on the race.

    Now to the "bigger" news.....Cedar Point...are you kidding me? So excited about this race. Never thought we would see a long course race in Ohio much less in Lake Erie.

    Can't wait to hear more about it. Welcome to Ohio.

  2. Congrats on such a successful event!! Based on the blogs of some of the participants I've read, you put on quite a fabulous race.

    What a great thing to think of the families. I am only starting out in the sport, but I have a three year old, and I often think how nice it would be to include him and my hubby in some small way.


  3. LOOKS like the race was a huge success, Heather, congrats! I will have to do that one year!

  4. Watching the Rev3 coverage was ABSOLUTELY amazing! The concept is just terrific! So glad that it was a super success!

  5. Seriously Heather. You put on an amazing race and my family, friends and girlfriend who all came out to spectate loved every piece of the day.

    I'm definitely in for more Rev3 races. I'm sold! Keep it up!