Sunday, June 21, 2009

Team Louisville Camp

This past weekend was a quick trip to Louisville to put on an Ironman Training Camp for Team Louisville, a Team of athletes Monica Murphy and I put together that are all training for the Ironman. We send monthly workouts to all athletes and those living in the area have the advantage of Monica’s weekly workouts.

We opened the camp up to additional athletes who were training for the Event as well and we had a great total turnout. Athletes flew in from Wisconsin, Illinois and various parts of the Midwest while many hopped in their cars and drove down for the weekend.

On Friday we met at Bluegrass Bicycles located just outside the Ironman Loop. They are a Sponsor of our Team Louisville and Bob the owner was going to provide sag for us.

We did a lecture and Q & A and headed to the Ohio River for a swim talk to go over the logistics, the start and a few tips – then off we went !! Some were concerned about the river water quality. Our two lead swimmers were able to move the large tree limbs out of the way (Thanks Aaron and Brian) That was the biggest workout for them. Everyone did great! You have all been in, no worries now !!!

From the swim it was on to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. Monica was smart to pick restaurants downtown where athletes may want to go race week. Plus, we needed to carb up for the big course ride Saturday.

Riding a course before the race is a huge mental boost and confidence builder. We headed out shortly after 7:00 am and re-grouped periodically. Many rode the full 112 miles !! For several athletes it was their longest ride followed by a transition run. Many lessons were learned about hydration and nutrition – I gave a perfect first hand example of bonking on the Transition Run !! Ha, I didn’t take any nutrition and was suffering !!

I love doing camps but was glad to head home on Sunday morning to be with my family for Father’s Day. Todd is such a great, great dad and we wanted to celebrate his day :)

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  1. Hope your ride was better than the steam bath ride we all had down here in Florida on Sunday...