Monday, June 29, 2009

Buffalo Springs Race Report

The weather in Lubbock on race day was not what I had been expecting (upper 90s) instead it was cool, wet and windy – very windy in fact. Nonetheless I always learn a lesson from my race experiences and knew that this would be no different.

I wasn’t feeling well at 3:30am when I woke up and couldn’t eat much either. I still felt nauseated at 6:15am – the pro women went off at 6:32am. I had done a small warmup and felt very sluggish so when the gun went off I was very pleased that I had a great start getting on Jo Lawn’s feet quickly.

I pushed hard and had a good swim – the overall time wasn’t stellar but there were some super swimmers in the field and the pack I was in came out about 2:30 down and I was happy with the pack and excited about where I was at – until I got into transition and couldn’t find my right bike shoe – panic set in. Earlier I decided not to clip my shoes into the pedals as immediately after exciting transition was a huge climb and I thought my strategy would be safer. Ha – not safe after all – did someone take my shoe? Well it must have gotten kicked as I found it 3 bikes down from mine, (I have never been so happy to see my bike shoe) It was now off to the bike.
Unfortunately the women who I came out of the swim with were long gone.

I must have felt like I was riding hard but clearly was not as I still couldn’t see the women ahead and the pro’s behind were catching me (that woke me up!!). It’s nice to have others in front and back to gauge off – it keeps you honest and pushes you. From that point on my ride felt good. There were a few switch backs and I rode those slow as it was wet and there were people coming up in the other lane.

Off the bike and onto the run. It was not hot and the rain felt good but it was still a tough course with some big climbs. I passed a few women on the run but definitely learned that I need to go back to some treadmill hill training or get out to Vancouver to train with the Lifesport Team. There is no lack of hills there!! I am Thankful to all of those who helped me along the path to race day. Also to all of my sponsors: Trakkers, K-Swiss, Quintana Roo, First Endurance, Fuel Belt, Gu, Village Bikes, Zipp, Oakley, Lifesport and the Center 4Massage – you are the Best!!

Got home Monday into Tampa at 12 noon and was home by 1:30pm – I was scheduled for a massage but the kids really wanted to go see the new Transformers Movie.
“Mom we waited to see it with you”
“We knew you liked the first one”
“You said you wanted to see it with us”

I was gone three days and missed those words M – O – M / so the massage will wait!!

I love this quote a friend shared with me years ago “How do kids spell L-O-V-E ? They spell it T-I-M-E”


  1. Congrats on a good race when you didn't feel well. And you're smart to do the mom thing :) Good luck with your upcoming races!

  2. LOVE is TIME, love that, it is so true...
    Way to tuff it out. See you soon!