Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pre Kona Training

Last weekend was my last major training weekend before Kona. I drove to San Antonio (Florida) with some friends about an hour plus away from my home. We go there to get in some great riding. They have beautiful roads and rollers (yep rollers) around Sarasota where I live it is dead flat – you need to head two hours north for any type of hills. Anyway, we made a day of it riding for over six hours and running after (and eating) it was a blast.

The following day I did a 4 mile cross country race with a friend of mine Bob. The kicker was that Todd dropped us off there in the a.m. and after the race we had to run home. My legs were already feeling it in the deep grass sections around mile 3 of the race but by the 20 mile mark they had loosened – thanks to the long ride the day before – and I was feeling great!!

(BOB and I before the Race and Long Run)

This coming week was a bit more difficult as all my training mates are gone competing at Augusta 70.3 (Go Nick and Nicole, Regina, Andy, Melissa, Marco, Hannah, John L., Steve and Agnes) and if they are not competing they are there watching (Morgan – Tracy – William !) so that left me alone to train which is always a challenge. Knowing that every other pro is already in Hawaii – I am now anxious to get there as well. Having a family always adds an additional wrinkle to these types of trips. It’s a real challenge to balance being a mother of three and a professional triathlete (who at times would like to live the life of the typical pro – train, rest, eat and sleep.) I will be leaving for Kona soon and begin the process of focusing on what I can do to have my best day – I am looking forward to the challenge.


  1. Love that home turf riding on the SunCoast trail near San Antonio. We try to stay clear of the highways after 9am.
    Have fun in Kona

  2. Good luck this weekend, you will rock