Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We Love the Underdog !!

Why is it that we cheer for the underdog ? It seems to be one of the things that make a Sporting Event Special and dramatic, the chance for someone to pull off the big upset. Yesterday was such a day – The Finals of the US Open Tennis Tournament. I don’t usually watch (or follow) Tennis but my son Joshua has been playing quite a bit lately and is getting good (and loves to paly mom as he can spank me !!) We watched together as the favorite Roger Federer tried to secure his sixth straight title. It was not to be however as the underdog Juan Martin Del Potro dug deep to pull out the perfect weekend of Tennis, beating Nadal and Federer and claiming the title of US Open Champion.


  1. The US Open was certainly all about the underdog this year, wasn't it! Very excited stuff! I'm sad that's all over now...

  2. I enjoyed every minute of the Open that I actually got to watch, including Del Potro's victory. WOW!