Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Very Special Weekend

This past weekend I had such a wonderful experience - I was invited to be the feature guest at an All Women's Sprint Triathlon in Kansas. I absolutely love these types of opportunities, to see the excitement of the first time athletes as they anticipate what they are about to accomplish, it is a special feeling.

Friday night prior to the race I was able to speak to all the athletes. Talking to fellow mom's and the first timers, sharing my experiences with this great sport and answering a myriad of questions - what a great time. After competing at the level I have the past several years you sometimes overlook the simple pleasures associated with just completing the task at hand and the great sense of accomplishment that is shared by so many competitors when they ultimately cross that finish line.

I got to see this first hand and it energized me. After finsihing my race to a chorus of "You go Girl" from fellow athletes I went back out on the course to cheer on as many women as I could.
I had the distinct pleasure of running in with Christine Tanner who was the final "winner" of the day !! A big shout out to you Christine - be very proud of your accomplishment. And to all the women who crossed the Finish Line Saturday - keep reaching for your dreams whatever they may be and thanks for the opportunity to share in your special day !!


  1. That's awesome, Heather! You are a great spokeswoman for an event like this. I think that no matter how many years I participate in this sport that I would like to do one women's event every year. At times it can be a bit of estrogen overload, but truly, I just really love the supportive vibe and relaxed environment! It makes this sport A LOT of fun!

    Hope training is going awesome! :o)

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  3. Heather:

    I was at the Olanthe triathlon with my wife and children. All I can say is that when you came over the hill with Christine as the awards ceremony was being concluded it was a moment we will remember forever. I looked around and there were many, many tears being shed. Thanks for being here to support the women of Kansas City...and thanks for being such an inspiration to so many!

    Samuel Tepper