Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rev3 Cedar Point

We are super excited about the Venue for our Full Distance Rev this coming September at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio. I have been at the park the last few days doing some filming of the course and the park itself for the preview videos that will be available soon. This is going to be an awesome venue with activities galore for the family. If you are looking for the perfect race to include your family look no further !! Continue to check for all the details.


Tuesday September 8th Revolution 3 will be hosting an information session about next year's Cedar Point triathlon. Following the session will be a special Q&A with 5x Ironman Champion Heather Gollnick.

The event will start at 6pm on Tuesday, September 8th at the Sawmill Creek Resort in Sandusky, OH / visit for all the details


  1. Hey Heather is was great meeting you last night at the information session. You can find my write up on my blog.

  2. I am so confused, I am from Ohio an love Cedar Point. My kids have never been. But I live in Knoxville and wouldn't miss the event there.

  3. Was not able to attend the event due to family vacation. I live in Sandusky and am looking forward to the event. However, I had some folks attend for me and they were pumped! They called me right after it was over and gave me all the info. They were impressed, Heather, for how well organized this seems to be. They both may be signing up later, we'll see. Thanks for brining this to Cedar Point! I would never have even considered a Tri if this had not been planned!

  4. Considering this for my first iron distance event. Waiting to see how my first marathon shakes out this spring.

    I was with Christine and her buddy (Kim) on Saturday. Thought it was so awesome that you accompanied her to the finish! Seems like she's already got the fire to compete. She's doing that thing (you know) where everytime someone comments how great she did, you can tell she's thinking, "But I could do so much better . . ."

    I think she might have caught the tri bug ;-)