Friday, March 20, 2009


So I am enjoying some great training here in Maui. Lance dubbed each Friday “Fantastic Friday” – we were all geared up for some great training. We began this past Friday with a long steady state ride which took us along Maui’s beautiful coast overlooking the Ocean. There was that part of me that really wanted to be able to stop and take some pictures for this blog but I couldn’t because the group was moving along way too fast !! (Thanks Mags and Linsey)

Straight away to a run workout....400's!!!!!!! - I have not done any track work yet this year ( for that matter since about last August) and was so glad to have company for this one – 20 x 400 at 70.3 race pace !

Basically heart rate was high and I wanted to puke!!! - Gotta love it!!!

After our coastline ride and run workout Lance took us to the pool for the following workout:
10 x 400 / we did 5 of them pulling and the next 5 pulling with a paddle. It was another great workout and truly a “Fantastic Friday”

So what could be better than (20) Fantastic Friday you ask? How about “Suffer Saturday” WOW – what another great training day/ workout, it started with a long (3 hours) but somewhat flat terrain ride, THEN we added another 3 hours, this time all Climbing !! This little Florida girl is finally getting some climbing she so desperately needs - yahoo!!!

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