Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What a ride we had today – I guess I wanted to do some hills, after all that was one of the main reasons for coming here. WOW – I got all I could ask for !! What a tremendous CLIMB – would it ever end?? We grouped up in town, began a little warmup then the climb up Hina Lani.

This monster climb finishes with a major jump in elevation. The 6.5 mile ride up Kaloko has some big time grades from 17 to some places that measure a 21. The group got pretty spread out as we continued to climb – what an awesome workout though!! I can see why people come here to train, you can’t help but get stronger doing these type of workouts on a continuous basis.

Right after the hour and a half climb I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel transitioning right into our track workout. I was very happy that my legs felt good and I was hitting my times (even sub goal time) and it was absolutely great to have a group to not only train with but cheer for. I find it very motivating personally and hope that I provide a sense of motivation for the other Lifesport Athletes. This is such a great camp – I absolutely love the experience.


  1. Heather! So glad you are having so much fun in Hawaii training! Keep up the good work & enjoy! :)

  2. Awesome, Heather! Loved the pictures! You look TERRIFIC!!!!

  3. If you dont mind, a fellow Floridian would like to jump on board and follow along.
    Been following Bree Wee's site. Given what you guys were put through last week, congrats on a 3rd place at Lavaman.