Saturday, March 21, 2009

Maui to Kona Adventure !!

Today Katya and I packed up our gear and headed off together to meet up with Coach Paul in Kona. We arrived at the airport, began the standard check-in routine which quickly turned strange when the individual checking us in proceeded to ask us not only about the weight of our bags but what we weighed personally. I’m thinking to myself, what is this about? I hear the woman next to me being asked the same questions then hear her response, “I weight 102” Whatever – I am thinking to myself there is no way you are 102, and more importantly what is up with these weight questions?

Turns out the plane we are taking is one of these tiny inner-island carriers. To be honest I have never seen such a small plane and such a low budget operation. When they announced that it was time to board I looked out onto the runway and asked myself “board what?” We were getting on an 8 passenger plane with a max weight limit. Katya and I had all our gear including two bikes, the procedure was hilarious. Poor Katyas temporary bike box for travel was made of cardboard but ultimately too big to fit in the cargo box. We didn’t want to leave it so she borrowed a scissors and began cutting it down to size, finally borrowing some scotch tape to hold it together during flight. Way too Funny, but props to her for making it work.

So we board the plane and the pilot gets on, I’m thinking man that guy looks familiar then it occurs to me, that’s the same guy who was checking us in !!

Oh my !! So I’m in the first row seat and can literally touch the pilots shoulder in front of me – security? What security? Thankfully this is a short flight because every time there was a gust of wind the plane jerked in a different direction. I couldn’t wait to get back on the ground. We made it to Kona safely, the pilot got off the plane and proceeded to unload everyone’s luggage. Wow, this guy is a true one man show !!

I’m now pumped to be in Kona, it seems so different when you are here and the World Championships aren’t taking center stage – it’s a different looking town. Anyway can’t wait for some great ocean swims as well as the opportunity to train on the Kona course. More to come !!

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