Friday, March 13, 2009

Upcoming Lifesport Maui Camp

I have been reading Linsey's blogs which are really getting me excited about my training trip (Maui/ Kona). A lot of the Lifesport gang arrived in Mid February, some late February. They are having a fantastic (which also means hard) training trip and I cant wait.. BUT I have this pit in my stomach .......
I am a HOMEBODY - You would never know as I love to Travel (Is that an oxymoron or what?) but I hate leaving Todd and the kids, or maybe its that I love to travel with them. I just miss them so terribly when I am gone. I did really want to go to the camp starting February 20th but I would have had to take a flight home early for homesickness or family sickness !! Ha Ha but its likely true !! So mid march (have to be home for the big birthday March 9th) will ultimately be long enough for this girl - look for fun photos from Hawaii to come!


  1. Have a wonderful time at camp, Heather! Enjoy Hawaii!!!

  2. Im a baby too, love to travel, been all over the world, then I had Kainoa and I can barely ride my bike 6hrs without getting homesick from him... motherhood does something to us! if you ever figure it out share!