Sunday, March 29, 2009


To be honest the day before the race I was not excited at all. I was feeling trashed from the workouts that took place before (not sure if it was the one and a half hour hill climb followed by the 800’s on the track or the ocean swim followed by the long run into the Energy Lab or maybe it was the five and a half hour ride, well whatever the case I was not excited to race.

I didn’t feel prepared, all these athletes with their fancy bikes, race wheels, aero helmets – I didn’t have the wheels or helmet but I did have my cool pink camo QR bike – but since it was a training trip I didn’t bring my ZIPP’s or Ironman Helmet. But that’s it!! Training Race! How lucky was I that I was in Hawaii and had the chance to compete in Lavaman in the pro field. Many athletes dream of this – now it was just time to convince myself.

I woke up at 3:30 (alarm was set for 4:45am) and I couldn’t go back to sleep, (good sign) had the usual nerves and couldn’t eat a ton (good sign) so maybe I was excited to go race. All week we had been doing ocean starts to prepare us for the season. I was psyched to hang on to the second group of women, Bree and Mags, even after Bree dunked me – yes on purpose!! (Bree you were going to teach me how on Monday!).

After all was said and done we hung on to a local boy, made a quick transition and got out onto the bike. I didn’t feel right and thought I must have a flat – looked down – Nope!! Are you sure? You gotta have a flat, are you kidding me – come on it’s just me. Well I wish I could report that I had a flat but the tire was fine, it was just me not moving near my race pace at all. Guess I need to rest up for 70.3 New Orleans next week (Oh and bring all my secret weapons, Todd and the kids, ZIPP wheels, aero helmet, my First Endurance EFS and my massage therapist William from the center4,

Anyway felt ok on the run – it was an awesome run course – ran through the Hilton Gardens, beach lagoons area where you can swim with the dolphins. I had to remind myself to keep running, couldn’t stop thinking about what an awesome resort this would be with the kids. I was quickly reminded I was racing however as we had to carefully step on the lava rocks run path – that’s why they call it Lavaman !! I finished third behind Lisa Mensick, our Lifesport Olympian won it and miss local Bree Wee was close behind. It was fun to hang out after the race but I can’t wait to go home and see the family!!


  1. Hey Heather! Good luck this weekend at NOLA. Can't wait to hear how it goes. I can't remember if I told you before, but the Rev3 site is freakin' fantastic!!! Makes me wish I had a 1/2 on the schedule! LOL! Looks like a terrific event. I also noticed lots of great tips in the videos even for athletes who won't be participating. Hmmm... maybe next year! :o)

  2. Have a great race at IMNO 70.3 this weekend :-)

  3. Hi Heather-

    I was the guy snapping photos during your interview with SimplyStu 2 days before IM NO 70.3. (I'm also the one that didn't recognize that it was you in the lobby when I was saying "Oh sweet, Heather Gollnick's gonna be there too?!? I'm a buffoon!) If you want any of the photos, just get me your e-mail and I can send a few to you. A friend of mine took my camera while I was racing, but she got a photo or 2 of you coming to the finish line too.

    Anyway, just let me know. Nice race on Sunday!! It was great meeting your family!!

    Steve Stenzel
    AKA Steve in a Speedo