Monday, March 16, 2009

Lifesport Camp - Maui Fun !!

"The best moments in life are not the passive times,
they occur when mind and body are exerted to the limits !"
Well this is a perfect quote for the Lifesport Camp !!

Training Camp here in Maui - WOW - first, this place
is beautiful !! I have been to Hawaii many times but
never to Maui.

So far I have been:
EXCITED (to be here)
TIRED (from all the travel - 6 hr. time change)
HUMBLED (by the Hills)
THANKFUL (for training partners)
RELIEVED (a break from work as ironedgecoaching
just wrapped up our third tri camp)

A BIG thanks to Lifesport for arranging this great
experience !! And also to all the great athletes for
pushing me to the next level each and every day !!
And to my HUBBY (for encouraging me to go !)

Many emotions go through my mind on a daily basis,
I relish the training opportunities that I am taking part
in daily but so very much miss my husband and kiddos.
A trade off that has always been difficult for me, anyway
gotta rest up for a 2 hour ride with 30 minute TT,
followed by mile repeats !! CANT WAIT !!

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  1. Oh what fun! I am totally jealous! Look at how blue that water is!!! Can't wait to read more about your camp experience. Hope you are taking LOTS of pictures!!!