Saturday, April 18, 2009

Georgia Gap Rides

Today our main goal was to cover the six Georgia Gaps over 11,463 feet of climbing. This Florida girl couldn’t wait!! We had some early morning fuel thanks to Tracy’s scones (yummy).Tracy, Frank and I then left the cabin early and traveled to the small town of Dahlonega (figured we should start a little closer to the climbs).

The first Gap – Neels Gap – the climb was approximately steep !! Wow not what I am used to, next was up Jack’s Gap with an extra climb to Brastown Bald. Frank rocked up this and Tracy and I followed some five minutes back. This is one steep climb and not easy on a tri-bike
(I actually liked the climb more than the descent).

Onto the next Gap – we had a screaming and very long descent (we discussed that next time we would do the route in reverse so we could climb this one) it was a seriously long way down. We hit the next Gap starting the climb and hoping it would be like the downhill we just did but we only climber some 10 minutes and were there – what kind of Gap is this, how funny – we were disappointed it was so short.

Looking at our directions we knew which way to go but were not sure of what Gap we were on but as we started climbing and climbing and climbing it was apparent we were on Hogs Pen as we knew it was the longest – not to mention very steep (17% grade at points). It was awesome hitting the switchbacks and going up, up and up some more. Every once in a while I could see Franks red jersey up ahead and Tracy behind as she kept stopping at all the scenic points for photos (these pictures are all hers – thanks Tracy!!) The temperature proved interesting as well as it was hot when we were climbing and chilly going down ! I didn’t like stopping – just wanted to get to the top.

We would have these slight flat areas and a few twisty descents and I would wonder if we were at the top part hoping we were but on the other hand being glad when the climb continued. This is making me strong !! Frank actually thought he was at the top once and put on his arms and vest !! But each time we all made it up another Gap we would celebrate and EAT !!!


  1. You guys rock! I have family that lives right on the NC/GA border with switchbacks and ravines that scare me when we're DRIVING!

    Love the celebrate and EAT part! :o)

  2. Cheers from Atlanta. Glad you enjoyed The Gaps! It's great climbing up there and SO BEAUTIFUL. You just have to watch out for the packs of motorcycles. Take care-

  3. Hills, nice. You need to make it back to Spokane to climb some mountains. Bring Todd and the kids and give them a mini vacation while you work your butt off.