Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fun at Anderson Creek - Georgia

Wow – what a great few days this has been with my family, we have all had just the greatest time!! We spent most of our days hiking the back woods with our kids and enjoying the beauty and serenity of Anderson Creek and the Georgia Mountains. What a terrific place and well kept secret this is. Each day has included a long hike through the woods down to a very quaint picnic area down by the fresh water creek. We built a camp fire while the kids played kickball, football and threw rocks in the creek. They are also took on the adults in a mean game of horseshoes!! Great memories and a very fun Easter


  1. That looks like a nice reminder of your woods back in Wisconsin. Awesome family time! (I'm sure you doubly enjoyed it after the long training and racing weeks you've had recently). Enjoy

  2. Look at all of those smiling kiddos! The GA mountains are so beautiful and the weather looks amazing. I would give my pinkie to be able to put on a sweatshirt right now. You're not in a rush to get back to sticky 'ole FL, right? Enjoy the remainder of your vacation!

  3. Looks like fun!!! That car full of groceries - whoa! :)