Friday, April 17, 2009

Rope Nazi

Ok – here in the deep woods of Georgia there are not a lot of places to swim as the open water is still too cold. I have been working hard at my swim and didn’t want to lose anything or at the very least just wanted to maintain my level of fitness. The only pool we found anywhere near us had no lane lines and a rope half way, separating the shallow end from the deep end (make sense at the little buggers need to know where it gets deep) BUT… what about when there is one kid in a floatie and two teenagers in the corner. Well “NO WAY” says the rope Nazi!! I talked to the mom with the little kid and she is ok with us taking down the rope and the teenagers understand its deep on one end – can we please take it out? NO WAY

So here are some photos of me swimming over the rope each time down

Here it comes !!

Up and Over

Dont catch the feet.......

Ouch my toes !!!!!

Errrr…… FRUSTRATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok – everyone is out of the pool so I take the rope half way out so I can swim without going under and over but within 10 minutes the ROPE NAZI was back in making me put it up – some people love what little control they can yield :)


  1. LOL! Those ropes are scratchy!! Crazy Rope Nazi!

  2. This is hilarious...I wish I could have been there with you to play more tricks on the Rope Nazi!! HEE HEE

  3. Thanks for the funny story, love it.