Friday, April 3, 2009

New Orleans

Cool Kids at the Mall

Dont mess with these guys

Easter Bunny Time - (They loved this :) NOT

Myself, Chris, Stu, Linsey, Desiree

After a lengthy journey we are here in New Orleans. As we drove around to get an understanding of where we were and the race venue itself we couldn’t help but be struck with the existing devastation from the hurricanes a few years ago. It turned out to be a great lesson for my kids as we drove by rows of boarded up/ deserted houses simply destroyed by the floods. You realize truly how lucky you are when you see this firsthand how other people must live on a daily basis, no fault of their own.

We made our way down to the water where the race would begin. A storm was moving in and had obviously stirred up the water a bit. We ran across some dead birds and empty beer cans, my twelve year old son looked at me and said – no way you should swim in that mom !! Time to find a pool for today’s practice swim. It turned out to be good advice as the skies down poured within fifteen minutes with an incredibly hard rain.

On Friday I did an interview with Zipp, a zipp cast actually hosted by Stu of / what a great guy!! Anyway it was myself, Desiree Ficker, Linsey Corbin and Chris McDonald. We had a great time and I always love the opportunity to do things for my sponsors, should be a fun interview – look for it on

From the interview most pros went back to their Hotels and put their feet up. For me it was off to the local mall for some shopping and fun with Todd and the kids. I made my kids sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap with me – they were less than enthused but hey you gotta have a little fun no matter what the age. From there we hit the stores, my kids got a kick out of trying on Hats, shades at the Buckle – cool store, lots of fun.