Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On to Georgia !!

We were very much looking forward to the next leg of our Spring Break trip to the Georgia Mountains, (although no one loves the long car rides). We split up the ride and after leaving New Orleans stayed in Montgomery Alabama for the night and let the kids blow off a little steam.

The following day we made the final push to the Mountains with a brief stop in Atlanta. While in Atlanta we spent the afternoon with Morgan Clark the new owner of All3Sports. She is such a great person and we are so psyched that they are working with us for the Rev3 Triathlon. Morgan and I did a swim together while Todd and the kids played hoops, then we all had lunch and headed over to All3Sports offices for a tour of the facility and some Rev3 planning time. It was really a fun afternoon, what a great setup they have!! Thanks Morgan for the hospitality – you guys are the best!!!!

From there it was off to the mountains. Before hitting the back roads to the cabin we stopped off for groceries for the week. Ok you will have to check out the photo, the car was absolutely packed to begin with considering all the gear we had and there was nowhere for all the goods.I ended up cramming in the back seat with the kids and the groceries rode shotgun with Todd.

By the time we reached our destination of Anderson Creek it was dark and let me tell you there are very few lights out in the Georgia woods. To complicate matters it began to snow!!! Are you kidding me – snow? We couldn’t believe it but it just added to the adventure and the kids thought it was pretty funny. I made a fire while Todd and the boys unpacked the car – we warmed up and settled in for a cozy night’s sleep.

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